25 May 2018

Learning Technology Monthly Update #9

For their Year 6 PYP Exhibition, a group of students created a game called GO….Animals! that they published to the iOS AppStore and Google Play store. Here is a video showing the process they went through to make it:


Students in Year 1 will be finishing off the school year with a focus on using the laptops to help them with the transition in using technology in Year 2. We will look at how to use the basics of Google Drive and making a simple document.

Students in Year 2 have been creating games in Scratch and will be starting to look at simple physical computing using the BBC Micro:bit devices. We will create a digital name badge that we can wear.

Students in Year 3 are learning about digital painting and design using Pixlr Editor. Over the next few weeks we will be learning how to remove objects from photos and how to layer different elements to create our own digital paintings.

As part of their current Unit of Inquiry, students are creating a bag using textiles and needlework skills. We will then add technology to these bags using Micro:bit to control them. The aim is to add a smart feature to the bag the students create.

Students in Y5 are going to be investigating using accelerometer data in games. We will look at how simple mini games in 12Switch (Nintendo) work and creating our own physical / digital games using the accelerometers on the BBC micro:bit.

Year 6 students had a great time playing robotic Sphero Golf last week with lots of practical maths and problem-solving.

Students in Year 6 are going to be making a 3D printed lithophane lamp with photos showing memories of BHS. They will create the frame from wood and add a simple LED lamp inside it.