19 May 2017

Newsletter #33

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Dear Parents, Family and Friends,



Another week has flown by. There has been so much great learning taking place in school (and beyond). This week we have had the pleasure of some students from KGV working in classes as part of their work experience. They have done a great job and are a credit to the school. We have had various visitors –  the HK Puppet Group who performed for our Year 1 and 2 children, Mr Jump Jam (see below) and the Bassistry Arts team who had fun working with our Year 5 children. All of these experiences greatly enrich our programmes and are memorable moments for the children.


This morning we enjoyed watching 5M’s Class assembly. They presented a review of their year with reflections on the highlights of the varied learning experiences. It was wonderful to see examples of how the students have developed both through what they do in school, as well as through out-of-school activities such as gymnastics. Well done to 5M and thanks to Mrs Craig, Ms Priya and Ms Kannis for their hard work.


The calendar for the 2017-18 academic year is complete. Please note that it is subject to Government gazetting of 2018 general holidays. The start date for 2018/19 is shown for indication only and families should avoid making travel plans for 2018 until the school start date and back-to-school work date are confirmed. Click below to download a copy.

BHS Calendar 2017-18.pdf


No hat – no play – please be reminded that we have a ‘no hat, no play’ policy. At this time of year the sun is now quite strong, so if children wish to play outside, then must wear a school hat, that has their name clearly marked on it.


Next week is the culmination of our Year 6’s Exhibition unit. They and their teachers have been working incredibly hard to ensure they are ready in time. I look forward to finding out more about their journeys when they share with their parents and the community next Tuesday and Wednesday.




50th Anniversary Water Bottle

To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Beacon Hill School, special edition water bottles will be available to buy, in the four house colours. The children have voted on their preferred design (see the winning design below, which will include ‘1967-2017’ text). We hope to have these available before the end of this term and we will send out an order form once we have had confirmation of the production timeline.





Yesterday, we hosted Brett Fairweather, the founder and leader of Jump Jam. He ran a training workshop for children from Sha Tin Junior School, GSIS, CIS and BHS. He then ran a fun session for our Year 3 and 5 students. We hope that the Year 4 and 5 children who participated in the training will be able to offer Jump Jam sessions next year during lunchtimes.



Achievement Beyond School


Natalee Evans (6H) has featured in our newsletter quite often this year due to her efforts and achievements in rugby. I am pleased to report that last Sunday was the AGM and season end awards of her rugby club, “The Flying Kukris”. For the 4th year running Natalee was voted “Best and Fairest” girls rugby player. This is a great achievement in itself, but to receive the award four years in a row is outstanding. Next season Natalee will move up to the U14 Colts team. This will present new challenges for her.

Well done Natalee – you should be extremely proud of your success – well deserved!


Hill Liu (1L) was on stage for a Mother’s day celebration concert, which was held on 12th May 2017 in the Space museum. Hill was the youngest performer in the concert and sang the song “Let it go”. Her great performance was really well received – well done Hill!





Wishing you a wonderful weekend.




James Harrison


Green Team

Yesterday was Outside Classroom Day and lots of Beacon Hill students took part. Outdoor Classroom Day is a day when schools all around the world celebrate and inspire outdoor learning and play. Thousands of schools around the world took lessons outside and prioritised playtime. Outdoor learning improves children’s health, engages them with learning and leads to a greater connection with nature. Play not only teaches critical life skills such as resilience, teamwork and creativity, but is central to children’s enjoyment of childhood. Our Year One children had a chance to play outside in the butterfly garden, and in the water and sand trays as well as playing on bicycles. 2G read books in the butterfly garden, 3A had their maths and UOI lessons outside and 3D learned phonics in front of the school. Some Year Fours went for a grammar lesson outside too. Great learning BHS!

PYPX 2017 Live feed

To the parents of Year 6 children,

Next week the children in Year 6 will be presenting their learning in the Exhibition.  Their collaborative  inquiries have provoked a wide range of activities, encouraged the children to ask some very difficult questions and led to some interesting action projects.  When you visit the exhibition on Tuesday you will be able to use our Live feed to post comments about the learning you see from each of the groups. These comments will be displayed in the school hall and shared with the children.

Simply scan the QR code  or visit http://gg.gg/bhspypx  to add your comments. A QR code reader can be easily downloaded online.

Please add the group name or number so that the children know who your comments are addressed to.  The feed will be open for some time after the exhibition if you want to add more comments later.

Thank you

The Year 6 team

Year 6 Exhibition Book Drive

Dear Parents and Students,

From May 8th to May 22nd, the Year 6 ‘Literacy is a Necessity’  PYPX Exhibition group will be organising a book drive.  Can you please take part in this by donating some of your old books? These books that you donate will be sent to Lai Sing Tai Hang School. Please bring them to the school foyer where there will be a box to drop the books in.


Thank you for your support and have a nice day!


Tammy, Avina, Nicole, Kirsty
Literacy is a Necessity






Head Lice

We would like to inform you of the fact that one child has had head lice.  The child completed the treatment at home and returned to school.


The eggs of the head lice are usually found near the root of the hair and there is the sensation of an itchy scalp.

Nits are tiny and whitish, yellowish or brownish in colour.


How do you catch it?

  • Via direct head-to-head contact with the infested person.
  • The lice crawls.


If you suspect that the child has head lice, please have it treated by using medicated lotion or shampoo prescribed by the doctor to destroy the head lice.

The use of a fine-toothed comb may help to remove the nits and please throw away the eggs properly.


Please check the child’s hair regularly for signs of head lice.

Please check your eyebrows or beard, if you have one.

  • Anyone may catch it.


Always Keep Hands Clean.

Thank you.

Ms Chen

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