26 May 2017

Newsletter #34

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Dear Parents, Family and Friends,


Our Year 6 children made us very proud this week when all of their hard work over the last few weeks came to fruition for their Exhibition. The learning they demonstrated on the evening was outstanding. Thanks to parents for your support, all of the teachers, educational assistants and other adults and of course a very big thank you to the Year 6 team who have worked incredibly hard to ensure the Exhibition was a success for all students. Year 6 Exhibition Photos can be found HERE.

Last night we enjoyed a wonderful musical concert, including a dance group, our ukulele group, the BHS orchestra, choir and community choir. Thank you to all of the students who have worked so hard, to the many parents who participated and to those who came to watch. A special thanks to Ms Kannis, Ms Ma, Mrs Yau, Mrs Blair and of course, Mr Gibson. More photos can be found in HERE.

The calendar for the 2017-18 academic year is complete. The start date for 2018/19 is shown for indication only and families should avoid making travel plans for 2018 until the school start date and back-to-school work date are confirmed.

BHS Calendar 2017-18.pdf



50th Anniversary Water Bottle

To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Beacon Hill School, special edition water bottles will be available to buy, in the four house colours. The children have voted on their preferred design (see the winning design below, which will include ‘1967-2017’ text). We hope to have these available before the end of this term and we will send out a pre-order form once we have had confirmation of the production timeline.

BHS Bottle 2.jpg


Achievement Beyond School

Over the past year, Amanda Hokerberg  (5M) has been doing filming for RTHK Educational Television. She has participated in three films aimed at primary students. Her last performance, which is called “Becky and her Bear”, will be the first one to be shown on TV on Friday 2nd June on RTHK TV31 at 15:15 and on TVB Pearl on Friday 16 June at 09:45.  Amanda plays Becky who tries to educate a nice big bear about manners of all kinds. It’s educational TV for primary students and the two of them are the only actors and work nicely together. The bear, called Bosco, is played by a quite famous Hong Kong actor.

RTHK is so happy with Amanda’s “outstanding performance” that they have decided to make the Becky show into a series and Amanda will now spend several days in July to film the new episode. Another film, called “Jacky and the Playground”, in which Amanda participated last November-December together with several other children (including Dean in Year Six), will also be broadcasted this year, but it is still in post-production.

Amanda also has a small role in a film called “The Happy Prince” (her first RTHK performance) which will also be broadcast in June.


Wishing you a wonderful weekend.



James Harrison





Thank you to all the enthusiastic support, Year 1 family donations & parent volunteers of the Year 1 Bake Sale this past Tues 23 May 2017. We raised HKD$2,386.50!

  1. Friday 2 June 2017 Quiz Day
  2. Tuesday 6 June 2017 Y2 Pizza Day
  3. Tuesday 13 June 2017 Y3 Bake Sale
  4. Monday 19 June 2017 BHS PTA Uniform Shop will be CLOSED until Friday 11 August 2017, Monday 14 August 2017 & Tuesday 15 August 2017 before start of 2017-18 School Year on Wednesday 16 Aug 2017.Have a great weekend!
Rowena Chow
Chair, BHS PTA







The appointment letters have arrived (only for parents or guardians who have consented for their child to join this service).

We have passed them to your child’s class teacher (for you) this week (from 22 May 2017 to 26 May 2017) and if, you have not received it (from your child), please could you let us know a.s.a.p.



If you are able to attend please be punctual, because for late comers another appointment may be arranged.

  • If you are not able to attend on the scheduled date, please could you inform the centre to make other arrangements.
  • No service of the centre if typhoon signal No. 8 (or above) or black rainstorm signal is hoisted. Then, please could you call the centre to book another appointment.


*Please bring the appointment letter, your child’s glasses (if applicable), past medical records, child health record (applicable to student who has previously joined the SHS or Family Health Service).


Thank you.

Ms Chen