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Environmental Policy

Beacon Hill School Environmental Policy Statement


“The Beacon Hill School community is a safe, caring and stimulating environment where everyone is respected and valued. The children will have every opportunity to achieve in all aspects of school life and they will understand their responsibility as global citizens.”

Our Environmental Mission at BHS
Help children to appreciate their natural environment and learn to live in harmony with it.
Set an example to the children and the community in reducing the waste of natural resources.

Our vision is to be recognised by the community as a green school.


We will work towards achieving this through;

Recognising the importance of taking responsibility and action to ensure that the world is a better place to live in.
Understanding how fulfilling our own needs will affect the needs of people in the future.
Respecting and valuing all living things.
Understanding that we cannot keep taking natural resources and that we have a responsibility to use them wisely and to replace them wherever possible.


We will learn more about the environment by having whole school events such as assemblies, appeals for charities, speakers and a Green Week where we will celebrate World Environment Day on June 5th.

We will have an Environment Club for students who want to take action to
help the environment.

We will choose twenty children to act as ambassadors and take responsibility

Collecting for selected environmental charities.
Ensuring that all classes do not waste energy.
Providing items for the environmental notice board.
Involvement in environmental activities outside of school such as waste recycling, fact-finding trips and environmental training.
We will share what we do well with other ESF. Schools.

We will display our environmental targets around the school so we all know
what to do.

WASTE MANAGEMENT (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle)

Each room will have a paper-recycling bin that will be emptied daily into the paper bank in the playground. Children and staff will be encouraged to recycle aluminium and plastic in the appropriate bins too.

Print cartridges will be collected in the ICT room for recycling.

In reducing paper usage we will:

Photocopy double sided.
Reuse scrap paper and envelopes.
Use material for backing displays instead of paper.
Use email for communication with parents.


Our aims are to:

Monitor energy use on a monthly basis through checks.
Educate staff and pupils in energy saving and measure the improvements.
Continue the use of renewable energy sources within the school having established a solar panel for the use of the pump in our fountain.


Wherever possible we aim to:

Buy recycled writing and toilet paper.
Select environmentally friendly chemicals.
Use reusable tableware for daily use and entertaining.


Educate our pupils, staff and parents to minimise fuel consumption through:

Sharing transport.
Turning off engines when stationary.
Walking to school where feasible.
Using public transport.


We are improving the school environment through:

Installing large plant pots on each level.
The purchase of classroom plants bought for their oxygenating properties.
Using the ‘Green Subsidy’ fund to improve the school playground through the purchase of trees and plants.


We will invite parents and the community to participate in our efforts to protect the environment. This will be done by openly communicating our policy and practices to the public through the CLC web site.

We will enter the Green School Award program.

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