16 Nov 2017

Year 1 Update – Wk 13

Tuesday 21st November – Pizza lunch

Wednesday 22nd November – 6.30pm Professor Peter Sullivan in the hall

Thursday 30th November – PTA Disco – Year 1 -3

Thursday 14th November – Christmas Concert and Christmas Bake Off

Friday 8th December – parents invited to come and help sort food after our Action Day

Friday 15th December – Last day of term. School finishes at 12.00.
Other pitch dates : 22nd, 29th and 6th December
Children should wear their normal PE uniform for these sessions and will take their water bottles and hats with them.
If your child has not got a hat or regularly forgets to bring it to school please make an extra effort to help them bring it to school.
This week has brought the end of our second unit of inquiry.  Over the past couple of weeks the children have reflected upon problems that they may have had at school or changes that they would like make to a system that we use in class.  In groups the children have taken some action.  They may have trialled a change in a school system, set up a new system, taught a group of children a new skill or been involved in the making of the flower beds in the butterfly garden.  We have been amazed and impressed by the ideas that the children had and look forward to continuing some of their wonderful ideas.  Please ask your child what their group did.
Mr Melsom
This week many of our Year One children were lucky enough to work with Mr Melsom in the butterfly garden.   A few weeks ago all the Year One children planted some seeds with Mr Melsom.  The seeds have now grown into small plants and were ready to be repotted.
Here are some photos from our second week at the pitch.  This week the children were in groups of ten as they learnt some new playground games.
Central Idea:
Imagination helps us think, create and express ourselves.
Next week we begin our third unit of inquiry under the transdisiplinary theme of How We Express Ourselves.  Throughout this unit children will be exploring many of the different ways that they can express themselves using their imagination. They will also learn about some of the processes that they could use when they are being creative.
Christmas Bake Off
Do you or your child like baking? If so, why not join the BHS Christmas Bake Off. The Bake Off will take place on Thursday 14th December. Bake your favourite biscuits, cakes or desserts and deliver them to school in the morning. The winners will be announced in the evening at the BHS Christmas Carol Concert. See the newsletter for further details.
Toys in school
Some children in Year One have been bringing toys to school and then some of these toys have gotten lost or broken.  It is very difficult for us to monitor which toys belong to which children.  We feel that it is best that toys are kept at home.
House Bands
We have noticed that some of the Year One children are not wearing their house band.  Please encourage your child to wear their house band when they come to school.   Perhaps children could leave their house band in the front pocket of their school bag when they are at home so as to hopefully not lose it.  Replacement house bands are $20 and can be bought from the front office.


Our main focus over the coming weeks will be to :

Recognise, model, read, write and order numbers to 100

Next week we will be continuing with our maths focus on place value. The children will be learning how to decompose teen numbers using manipulatives such as, numicon, deines blocks and unifix cubes. We are teaching the children how the teen numbers can be broken down using the ten as the base, eg: 10 + 4 = 14, 10 + 7 = 17. The children will also be fixing broken hundred number squares and continuing to work on 1 more and 1 less.
Through our observations we have noticed that many of the children are reversing their numbers from 1- 10 so next week we will focus on correct number formation.

Peter Sullivan .     We are looking forward to teaching Maths alongside Professor Sullivan when he comes to Beacon Hill on Wednesday and Friday. Thank you for all the responses to attending his presentation for parents on Wednesday at 6.30pm. If you have not signed up and would like to attend, please do so via the enotice on the Gateway.

Mathletics: Please spend some time each week exploring the different activities that we have set for the children. Under the ‘play’ section, children can practise their basic facts by playing games with partners from around the world.  It is not intended that the children will do these tasks totally independently so please help your child to become familiar with the layout of Mathletics and how to go about completing the tasks.


Next week we begin our writing unit ‘Writing to Entertain’.  The unit will focus on narrative writing and poetry.  The children will learn about the structure of stories including characters, settings, problems, resolutions and any messages that are in story.

Our comprehension focus for our next unit will be visualising.  When using the visualising strategy, students are taught to think about what they can see, feel, smell and hear.  They use their imagination to create pictures in their mind which helps them to better understand and interpret what is happening in a story or piece of text.

Next week we will start unit 3 of our phonics programme.   You will have received a blue unit 3 phonics book mark via your child’s home school diary.
Phonics                      Phonemes:   v w y z j n k e                                          Camera Words:  all me they is no said
Not all words can be decoded phonetically. We call these tricky words, ‘camera words’ because children must learn them as though they were taking a photo of the word with their ‘mind’s eye’. They are encouraged to memorise the part of the word which is tricky.

Congratulations to the following children:

1L – Ally Yeoh

1P – Myles Ng

1W – absent


Hiking With Kids In HK
Cooler temperatures mean that it’s time to hit the hiking trails and explore the great outdoors.  Here is a list of recommended hikes from little steps Asia for young children.  Pack up your water bottle, sunscreen, bug repellent, and enjoy the great outdoors of Hong Kong!
TAI LONG WAN: YOUNG HIKERS (Age 6+) – New Territories

Many first hikes happen on this popular Sai Kung trail, which offers up picturesque scenery while winding through a dense forest that passes by deserted traditional Hakka Chinese houses along the way. From Sai Kung town, take minibus NR29 to Sai Wan Pavilion and follow the signs pointing towards Sai Wan. It’s a flat road with a few inclines that is more suitable for active kids. Everyone will enjoy the white sand beach at the end of the hike.

Tai Long Wanhttp://www.littlestepsasia.com/hong-kong/articles/play/tai-long-wan. Food is available for order in Sai Wan and Tai Long Wan – so no need to pack a lunch!

What is Nearby?  Why not visit the secret Sheung Lok Stream waterfalls while you are there?  Click here for our video and more information.

DRAGONS BACK: YOUNG HIKERS (Age 6+) – Hong Kong Island

Take your tykes on this popular hike that brings you through Shek O Country Park and some of the prettiest terrain in Hong Kong. Not only is it a smooth journey with few inclines, it’ll also afford for plenty of beach time afterwards at Big Wave beach. The entire trail will take between two to four hours; bring sunscreen, a hat and a camera to snap photos of the pretty scenery. Click here for tips and directions.

Dragon’s Back Hong Kong Hike For Kidshttp://www.littlestepsasia.com/hong-kong/articles/play/dragons-back-kids

What’s nearby?  Enjoy lunch in Shek O after the big hike!  Kids will also enjoy the awesome beach – it’s gorgeous.

LANTAU ISLAND: YOUNG HIKERS (Age 6+) – Lantau Island

There are numerous trails across Lantau, but test out the easiest one first and see how the family copes. The 6km trail starts at Mui Wo ferry pier. Follow signs leading to the Trappist Haven Monastery. The trail goes off-road along the water’s edge before arriving on the other side of Discovery Bay at Nim Shue Wan ferry pier. Reward your little rascals with lunch at a waterfront restaurant along the boardwalk or hit the beach.

Lantau Island Hike For Kids, Website

Mui Wo (Discovery Bay) to Lantau With Kidshttp://www.littlestepsasia.com/hong-kong/articles/play/family-hike-discovery-bay

What’s nearby?  So much!  Go camping at Long Coast (advanced planning required), dine and play at Mavericks, beach eats at Bathers, or ride bikes and enjoy vino at The China Club in Mui Wo.  There is also cultural fun on Lantau too with the Big Buddha and Tai O!

PO TOI O: YOUNG HIKERS (Age 6+) – Clearwater Bay

The three-hour-long journey may seem daunting at first but the flat terrain winds through the Clear Water Bay Golf Course and offers pretty vistas that stretch out to Clear Water Bay and Sai Kung. Residents of Clear Water Bay know this hike well, and the added cultural value of a visit to Tin Hau temple makes the long hike worth it. Take the MTR to Cheung Kwan O and then minibus 103M along Clearwater Bay Road.

Clearwater Bay Hiking With Kidshttp://www.littlestepsasia.com/hong-kong/articles/play/hike-feast

What’s nearby?  Click here for the Clearwater Bay Guide!  Be sure to eat at Po Toi O after your hike.

TAI TAM RESERVOIR: LITTLE LEGS (Age 2+) – Hong Kong Island (Southside)

If you can’t keep your kids’ attention spans for longer than an hour, then perhaps the scenery along the Tai Tam Reservoir trail will. Starting at Parkview, the trail weaves through a picturesque journey with mesmerizing views of the Southside. Halfway through, the trail splits with a flight of stairs leading up to one of the toughest hikes in Hong Kong – The Twins – which winds up in Stanley, while the other smoother path takes you across the Tai Tam Reservoir.

Tai Tam Reservoir Trail With Kids,

WebsiteWhat’s nearby?  Stanley – head here for lunch!

LAMMA ISLAND: LITTLE LEGS (Age 2+) – Lamma Island

Make an afternoon out of it by taking the entire bunch over to Lamma for a leisurely stroll around the island. The flat and easy Family Trail finishes off at the beach, where you can splash around before pulling up seats at one of the Chinese seafood restaurants at the pier, such as the scrummy Lamma Hilton Shum Kee Seafood restaurant among many others. Catch a ferry from Central Pier No. 4. The journey is approximately 25 minutes.

Lamma Island Hiking With KidsWebsite

What’s nearby?  Eat seafood by the sea at one of Lamma Island’s fantastic alfresco restaurants.

POK FU LAM: LITTLE LEGS (Age 2+) – Hong Kong Island

From Central, take a bus or drive up to Pok Fu Lam Reservoir Road and walk along the flat, tranquil path that leads through the greenery and offers a breath of fresh air above the city. With lovely views of the reservoir and Lamma Island from afar, this easy walk is just what you and your little ones need to blow off some steam.

Pok Fu Lam Hiking With KidsWebsite

What’s nearby?  Picnic by the reservoir or head into Cyberport for lunch!


Take your car up to Bowen Road and park it, or grab a cab to drop you and your wee ones off. The trail is short and sweet, plus you simply can’t beat the city views while walking along the shaded, lush path. The popular trail is a prized spot for runners – including moms that run with strollers in tow – and can be just the place to burn off that extra, post-natal chub.

Bowen Road Fitness TrailWebsite

What’s nearby?  A visit to Hong Kong Zoological and Botanic Gardens is always perfect.


Take the tram or one of the numerous buses up to The Peak Trail. Although it’s touristy, the flat road is a breeze for strollers, and the looped, shady path offers spectacular views of the Island. Plus, there are plenty of family-friendly restaurants where you can change your bub and enjoy lunch with top views of the city we love!  Another option to take up or down from the Peak is the famous Morning Trail – easy for strollers and toddlers.

The Peak Trail, Website

The Morning Trail,

WebsiteWhat’s nearby?  Hong Kong’s best playground at the peak!  Visit Mount Austin Playground for views, play, and picnic fun.  Lunch at the Peak Lookout is kid-friendly and offers nice views.


Go for a leisurely hike and learn about Hong Kong history on this stroller and little-leg-apt trail, situated in Sai Kung Country Park. The paved trail is shaded, and there are varying degrees of difficulty to choose from. Start in Sheung Yiu – for those with prams, walk to the museum, those with young kiddos can loop around Tai Mong Sai Road, and those with older children can head out to High Island Reservoir.

Sheung Yiu Family Walk, http://www.littlestepsasia.com/hong-kong/articles/play/sheung-yiu-family-walk

What’s nearby?  Visit Sai Kung after for a meal by the sea or a play in the square.

Happy hiking!!!