3 Nov 2017

Year 2 Update Wk 11

Tuesday 8th November – Mandarin Parent Consultations.

Monday 13th November – Mandarin Parent Consultations.

Wednesday 15th November – Mandarin Parent Consultations.

Tuesday 21st November – Mandarin Parent Consultations.

Wednesday 22nd – Professor Peter Sullivan parent workshop

Friday 24th November – 2Ds class assembly

Thursday 14th December – Christmas Concert

Friday 15th December – last day of Term 1, 12pm finish

Wednesday 22nd November  – 6:30p.m. in the school hall

Professor Peter Sullivan

Peter Sullivan is Professor of Science, Mathematics and Technology Education, at Monash University in Australia. He is the immediate past President of the Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers and was the lead writer of the Australian Mathematics curriculum.

Professor Sullivan is one of the world’s leading authorities in Mathematics, and will be making his a visit to Beacon Hill School this November. During his visit, Professor Sullivan will work alongside the teachers to challenge all our students to reach their full potential in Mathematics through the use of open-ended, rich learning tasks and problems.

We are thrilled to announce that Professor Sullivan will  run a  workshop for parents in order to enhance your understanding of how you may help your children in the development of Mathematical thinking. This is for parents only, there is no need for children to attend.

An e-notice will be sent to all parents, please let us know if you are attending.

We look forward to seeing you at the workshop.

Mother Tongue Story Telling

Last year a group of parents told stories to our students in their mother tongue during lunchtimes.  As you can imagine this was very popular with our students and a great way to share the range of languages we speak within our community.  If you are interested please click here to add your details.  Any time you can give and to any year group is really appreciated.  For those interested we can meet to discuss logistics in more details.  If you have any questions please email me at andy.thompson@bhs.edu.hk.

ESF Christmas Cards

Christmas is fast approaching!  ESF wish to prepare an e-card for Christmas and are inviting ESF students to come up with a design.  The Christmas artwork could be a painting or drawing on A4 or A3 paper with any media such as water color, pastel, photography or digital.   Please send the original artwork to Ms Yu by 13, November if you would like to enter this exciting competition.   Please refer to this link if you wish to see the cards in previous years: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B1e1HGWSZqL0clF3MlF2aWk3OEE?usp=shar



I am very pleased to announce, thanks to your generosity and the hard work of our students, we raised $150000.  This is a tremendous sum and I think it shows what a special community we belong to.  We can now start to purchase the food so on 8th December our students can work with Sunshine Action at school to make the food parcels for the different charities.  To help our students with the food parcels we need parent volunteers, approximately 30.  These parents will be working with groups of students to help them make the food parcels.  If you are interested please click here.


The children continued investigating their groups chosen food waste, observing the changes as the food began decomposing! Food that had been handled the most had a lot more mould on it.

Each class also set up a box filled with soil and the children chose various items to be buried inside. They made predictions about what they thought might happen.



Central idea: People’s choices can impact the environment

Lines of inquiry:

  1. Types of waste
  2. What happens to waste
  3. Choices people make to sustain the environment

The children will continue to look at how they can reduce, reuse and recycle the amount of waste they produce.  They will consider taking action by making responsible choices.  The children will be using technology to record their scientific observations.


CENTRAL IDEA: The operations of addition and subtraction are related to each other


  • How we solve problems using addition and subtraction
  • Mental and written strategies for addition and subtraction
  • The language and symbols of addition and subtraction
  • Patterns in addition and subtraction

The children will be solving mathematical problems related to subtraction facts. They will be using number lines to help them solve number sentences by counting on or counting back.


Maths game to practise number bonds to 10, 20, 30 and 40:



The children will be looking at using a range of connectives to extend their sentences such as because, so, if, but. They will practise writing persuasive letters to different audiences.
The children have done very well with using the ‘Five Finger’ rule to find a ‘just right’ book to read. The children have looked at the different types of thinking that they do whilst reading and have been making connections between what they are reading and their own experiences. The children will be looking at the features of non-fiction books.
In phonics we are looking at the long o sound: o, oa, ow, o-e (bow, boat, show, hope).
Please continue to read with your child at home and ask them to retell the story.
 Well done to:
2K- Shogo Nishida
2D- Shawn Lee and Melvin Leong
2A- Eunice Wong
Information Literacy-  Angus Wu 2K
Your child has been given a new spelling book for their home learning. Inside is one spelling card and a list of activities in white and yellow boxes.
Your child will need to learn the 3rd  list of words dated for this Thursday 19th October. They will be tested on these 8 words next Friday in school.
Your child will need to choose two activities to complete  – one from a yellow box and one from a white box. They are not completing these activities in the spelling book. These activities are designed to help your child to learn their 8 words. It is up to you where your child completes these activities (they could buy a notebook or use scrap paper). When the activities are completed, please sign your child’s spelling card to let us know that they have been done.
Your child will also be doing some handwriting practise to help them learn the words. This is done in the spelling book.
Your child is only learning 8 spelling words this week, not all 32 words.
Please be reminded that in Year 2, your child will not bring home a reading book on Tuesday or Thursday they will need to read on Big Universe. Children login and select ‘My Library’ from the top of the page. At the right hand side in the ‘Filters’ section they can select the ‘Grade Level’ of books. If the children select kindergarten,grade 1 and 2 this is the most appropriate reading age for them (5-8 years).

Mandarin – All children are encouraged to take a reading book home on the days when they have Mandarin lessons.

Reading Eggs

We would like to inform you that we will no longer be subscribing to this online reading programme. The costs associated with this subscription are high and data shows that less than 25% of BHS students are accessing the website regularly. The money saved will be used to purchase additional books for the school.
Please remember that the children may still access Big Universe, which has a far more comprehensive selection of books available, to supplement their home reading and for research purposes.