10 Nov 2017

Year 3 Update Wk 12


  • Thursday 16th – Friday 17th November – Year 3 Camp
  • Monday 20th November – LEAP van
  • Wednesday 22nd November 6:30pm – Professor Peter Sullivan 
  • Thursday 30th November – PTA disco


To help our students with the food parcels we need parent volunteers, approximately 30.  These parents will be working with groups of students to help them make the food parcels.  If you are interested please click here.

ESF Christmas Card Competition – Last chance to enter!!

Christmas is fast approaching!  ESF wish to prepare an e-card for Christmas and are inviting ESF students to come up with a design.  The Christmas artwork could be a painting or drawing on A4 or A3 paper with any media such as water color, pastel, photography or digital.   Please send the original artwork to Ms Yu by 13th, November if you would like to enter this exciting competition.   Please refer to this link if you wish to see the cards in previous years: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B1e1HGWSZqL0clF3MlF2aWk3OEE?usp=sharing

Professor Peter Sullivan Parents Workshop

Wednesday 22nd November  – 6:30p.m. in the school hall

Peter Sullivan is Professor of Science, Mathematics and Technology Education, at Monash University in Australia. He is the immediate past President of the Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers and was the lead writer of the Australian Mathematics curriculum.

Professor Sullivan is one of the world’s leading authorities in Mathematics, and will be making his a visit to Beacon Hill School this November. During his visit, Professor Sullivan will work alongside the teachers to challenge all our students to reach their full potential in Mathematics through the use of open-ended, rich learning tasks and problems.

We are thrilled to announce that Professor Sullivan will  run a  workshop for parents in order to enhance your understanding of how you may help your children in the development of Mathematical thinking. This is for parents only, there is no need for children to attend.

An e-notice will be sent to all parents, please let us know if you are attending.

We look forward to seeing you at the workshop.

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Mother Tongue Story Telling
Last year a group of parents told stories to our students in their mother tongue during lunchtimes.  As you can imagine this was very popular with our students and a great way to share the range of languages we speak within our community.  If you are interested please click here to add your details.  Any time you can give and to any year group is really appreciated.  For those interested we can meet to discuss logistics in more details.  If you have any questions please email me at andy.thompson@bhs.edu.hk.

It’s been a busy week preparing for today’s sharing. I’m sure you were all impressed with the huge amount of work they put into this morning’s performance and their learning journey over this unit.  

In Maths we started to look at patterns with both shapes and with numbers. We looked at how we can describe these and the students had a go at making their own for their classmates to continue. 

The students used their plan from their Flour Baby story to write their own narrative. They focussed on including descriptive detail, in particular of the characters’ feelings. We practised writing the parts of the narrative in paragraphs and then both self and peer editing. 




The interaction between body systems helps us to keep healthy and survive.

  1. How the body systems work (function)
  2. Interdependence and independence between the body systems (Connection)
  3. Impact of lifestyle choices on the body systems (responsibility)

Next week we are very excited to be starting our new unit, Who We Are. After analysing the student’s pre-assessment the unit will be planned according to what the students needs and interests are.  

Pattern and Function

Next week the children will continue to look at patterns with a focus on open-ended tasks in preparation for Peter Sullivan’s visit the week after

 Mathletics passwords are in your child’s diary. Please make sure that an adult supports your child when working through the activities. 

Having planned their Flour Baby story, the students will finish their story and focus on editing for past tense. They will reflect on how they have performed in reaching the targets set. 
Hopes and Fears
 With camp on Thursday and Friday, we will spend time discussing their worries and how we can have a growth mind set to stretch and learn through this experience. 
Year 3 will read books from Big Universe on a Monday and Friday. They will borrow home readers on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. 
There was no Golden Book tihs week due to the Year 4-6 students being on camp.
The children have now had access to this fortnight’s home learning themes for a week. Please support your child as necessary to bring their projects to share next Wednesday. We can’t wait to see them!


 Please make sure that they spend time at the weekend learning their five individualised words. In the back of their Spelling Journal is a list of words for the Unit. Students can learn these if they wish to challenge themselves. You could also use these words to discuss their meaning and put them into sentences together. 
Mandarin – All children are encouraged to take a reading book home on the days when they have Mandarin lessons.
Ms Xu: 熟读学过的课文。练习猜谜语。