17 Nov 2017

Year 5 Update Wk 13


BIG BUSINESS CRAFTS – This week Miss Fearn organised a baking group to work with Miss Kannis and Mrs. J to make Conflake Treats. The purpose of these lessons is to expose the children to a variety of different crafts and business stall ideas so that we can have a wide variety of home-made items for our Big Business Market in April.


Parent Helper We were also lucky enough to have Mrs Ma come in and help the children bake some delicious cookies!


Helping set up the new butterfly garden Some of our children have been helping to fill the new flower boxes that have just arrived in the butterfly garden. They were a big help for such a huge amount of soil!

Scott Darlow – Musician and Beacon Hill Alumni Scott Darlow came to visit us this week. He shared some of his songs, taught us about aborigine culture and even gave a couple of CDs to a couple of lucky winners! Thanks for coming Scott! He will be available next Thursday to sell and sign copies of his CD.



Central Idea:

Lines of Inquiry:

  1. The reasons why people migrate
  2. The challenges, risks and opportunities of migration 
  3. Distribution, availability of and access to usable water


Change Connection Responsibility
We will understand that water is part of a continuous cycle and can be influenced by humans (water cycle and water treatment).   We will understand that different uses of water are connected to different water issues around the globe. (Water footprint) We will understand that humans have a responsibility towards the use and conservation of water(water cycle and water treatment).
This week in UOI we have been getting to grips with our new unit. We looked at how much of the earths water is drinkable and we even had a taster of what it is like for families who have to carry water long distances because only 15% of the world has water taps in their homes.
Here are some pictures of 5D trying it out. The water was poured on the plants at the end so it wasn’t wasted!
Number Maths
Central Idea – Strategies for whole number computation can apply to fractional and decimal computation.

An inquiry into…

  1. efficient mental strategies  that can be used to solve multiplication and division
  2. efficient written strategies that can be used to solve multiplication and division

This week Number Maths has been about moving onto multiplication and division methods and how best to use them in equations, word problems and open ended questions.

Strand Maths
Image result for measurement
Central Idea – Accuracy of measurements depends on the situation and the precision of the tool.
An inquiry into….
  • How tools and procedures can be used to measure accurately
  • How tools and procedures can be used to solve measurement problems
  • The connection between measurements and other units of maths (conversion)

This week we looked at making shapes that had different measurements but the same volume. We talked about the difference between volume (how much space is taken up) and capacity (an objects ability to hold a substance like gases or liquids).

Here are some photos of us experimenting with cubes.



In writing, we are learning to write to explain. We did a fast write to see where our skills are currently and then we looked at some excellent examples to see how we could improve. We learned the difference between a description (saying what something is) and an explanation (saying how or why something happens).
Here are some pictures of us rearranging some muddled up explanations so that we could magpie some of the amazing vocabulary!
In Reading, we have started to focus on summarising and synthesising. We played a game where we each got 10 seconds to look at a picture of the water cycle and then had to summarise it in 20 words to an artist in our group. The artist had to draw the picture without seeing it.

5F – Sophie Huang

5C – Kyle Lau

5D – Hena Yang


  • Read the Weekly Update
  • Mathletics – continue with the set tasks
  • Reading – keep up with their reading every night.  Don’t forget to get Reading Journals signed every night and children should be reading every night.
  • Spelling – each Monday the children are sent home their 10 personal words that they need to learn for the week.  Please, can a parent (or responsible adult) support the children by...testing them (written or oral), getting them to put their words into interesting sentences (written or oral), discussing the meanings of the words, thinking about synonyms and antonyms of that word, discussing words with a similar meaning etc.

Mandarin Home Learning – All children are encouraged to take a reading book home on the days when they have Mandarin lessons.

Ms Lynn (Home learning #7) – Please check your google classroom for details.


Ms Xu:Practise singing clothes and weather song.

Peter Sullivan Visit – 22nd and 24th November
We are looking forward to teaching Maths alongside Professor Sullivan when he comes to Beacon Hill on Wednesday and Friday. Thank you for all the responses to attending his presentation for parents on Wednesday 22nd at 6.30pm. If you have not signed up and would like to attend, please do so via the e-notice on the Gateway.

Mr Thompson is very pleased to announce, thanks to your generosity and the hard work of our students, we raised $150000.  This is a tremendous sum and I think it shows what a special community we belong to.  We can now start to purchase the food so on 8th December our students can work with Sunshine Action at school to make the food parcels for the different charities.  To help our students with the food parcels we need parent volunteers, approximately 30.  These parents will be working with groups of students to help them make the food parcels.  If you are interested please click here.

Wednesday 22nd November  – 6:30 p.m. in the school hall

Professor Peter Sullivan

Peter Sullivan is Professor of Science, Mathematics and Technology Education, at Monash University in Australia. He is the immediate past President of the Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers and was the lead writer of the Australian Mathematics curriculum.

Professor Sullivan is one of the world’s leading authorities in Mathematics and will be making his a visit to Beacon Hill School this November. During his visit, Professor Sullivan will work alongside the teachers to challenge all our students to reach their full potential in Mathematics through the use of open-ended, rich learning tasks and problems.

We are thrilled to announce that Professor Sullivan will run a  workshop for parents in order to enhance your understanding of how you may help your children in the development of Mathematical thinking. This is for parents only, there is no need for children to attend.

An e-notice has been sent to all parents, please let us know if you are attending.

We look forward to seeing you at the workshop.

Big Business Crafts soon enough our Big Business UOI will be upon us and in preparation for this Miss Fearn will be running some lunchtime activities on Big Business crafts. This year we are having a push for the children to make and sell handmade items at their stall or provide a service….rather than just buying bit and pieces from Shan Shui Po and re-selling these on the day.  Children can volunteer to join Miss Fearn at some lunchtimes throughout the weeks to learn to make some items that they then might make and sell on their stall.  If you have a simple craft idea and would like to come into school and teach a small group (15 children) how to do it please contact your class teacher and we will arrange for you to take a group.