1 Dec 2017

Year 5 Update Wk 15

Thursday 14th December – Year 5 trip to Teaching and Learning Technology Expo with Mr Lowe (invited children only)  These children will not need to bring a shared lunch but bring their own lunch which will be eaten earlier before heading off to the Expo

Golden Book Assembly – this week we celebrated our Golden Book winner and had many announcements and enjoyed updates of sports teacher and tournaments.  A special mention to Maxi Fung in 5D for his Player of the Tournament nomination whilst competing in the Hong Lok Yuen Football Tournament last week…..fantastic job Maxi.

Mr. Thompson also showed us what we will be doing to help package all the food up on our December 8th food parceling day.  We are all quite excited to give a hand!  If you can give us or the school any assistance on that day please contact Mr Thopson.


Central Idea : People’s actions can impact our water resources.

Change Connection Responsibility
We will understand that water is part of a continuous cycle and can be influenced by humans (water cycle and water treatment).   We will understand that different uses of water are connected to different water issues around the globe.(Water footprint)
We will understand that humans have a responsibility towards the use and conservation of water(water cycle and water treatment).
Students have been developing their understanding of the water cycle and where water comes from. We have started to consider how much water we use and we will continue to explore the use of water in the production of clothing, food, electronics, and energy over the next week. We will then begin to think about our responsibility towards the way we use water.
Expert Research Groups
We have been working in expert groups this week to find out more about the usage of water in the production of clothing, food, electronics, and energy. Research, notetaking, determining importance, skimming and scanning, summarising and synthesising and presenting have all been important skills we have been utilising…….as has, working together, group decision making, taking on a variety of group roles and ‘pulling your weight’ in the group.
Taking Action : Personal Inquiry –  Ms. Jeves has been working with us on a personal inquiry into taking action. This week we discussed Hart’s Ladder of Participation….ask your chld about it!
Water Cycle in a Bag – last week we set up water cycle in a bag experiments on our windows.  they look fantastic!  But I wonder who can hypothesize why they might not be working as well as expected?  Oh well, we can keep them up all year to see what happens!  These photos are from 5Fs set-up afternoon.
Watercolour Fun in 5F – we’ve taken some time this week to learn some watercolor techniques. Some of us picked it up easily and some need a little more practice.
Crossroads Trip – here’s some snaps of yesterday’s trip to Crossroads.  All the children had a great time listening to DJ, participating in the water simulations and shopping for fair-trade products.  Ask your child what important takeaways they got from yesterday’s outing.
Number Maths
Central Idea – Strategies for whole number computation can apply to fractional and decimal computation.

An inquiry into…

  • efficient mental strategies that can be used to solve multiplication and division
  • efficient written strategies that can be used to solve multiplication and division.  
Our Number Maths class lesson and group lessons have continued this week.  We have been working on division word problems and using multiplication to check your answers.  In 5F we had fun discussing this problem….
The Year 5 students and teachers and EAs are heading out on a canoeing trip and each canoe holds 7 passengers.  How many canoes will we need?
Discuss this one at home.  (I was surprised home many children were keen to get into half a canoe!)
Strand Maths
Image result for measurement
Central Idea – Accuracy of measurements depends on the situation and the precision of the tool.
An inquiry into….
  • How tools and procedures can be used to measure accurately
  • How tools and procedures can be used to solve measurement problems
  • The connection between measurements and other units of maths (conversion)
Explanation Writing – we have continued working on our Explanation write genre again this week.  Proofreading and editing was a particular focus and we worked on trying to make improvements to our first drafts
Summarising and Synthesizing – This is our current our comprehension strategy and we have been working on various activities surround ing these.  We are also lucky enough to have Ms. Jeves work with us during this UOI so she has been working with us on our summarising and synthesising techniques also.

Well done to all our Golden Book winners this week in Year 5…

5F – Katelyn Ma, Kwan Ho Yuen

5C – Shafay Khan

5D – Madelyn Luk


  • Read the Weekly Update
  • Mathletics – continue with the set tasks
  • Reading – keep up with their reading every night.  Don’t forget to get Reading Journals signed every night and children should be reading every night.
  • Spelling – each Monday the children are sent home their 10 personal words that they need to learn for the week.  Please, can a parent (or responsible adult) support the children by...testing them (written or oral), getting them to put their words into interesting sentences (written or oral), discussing the meanings of the words, thinking about synonyms and antonyms of that word, discussing words with a similar meaning etc.
  • UOI – some children still, unfortunately, have not returned their Water Usage Chart back to school.  Can this piece of HOme Learning be returned as soon as possible so we can have our discussions back here?

Mandarin Home Learning  (All children are encouraged to take a reading book home on the days when they have Mandarin lessons.)

Ms Lynn (Home learning #9) – Please check your google classroom for details.

Ms Xu – Keep practising on topics of ” weather, clothes and feelings”.

SUNSHINE ACTION FUNDRAISING – Mr Thompson is very pleased to announce, thanks to your generosity and the hard work of our students, we raised $150000. This is a tremendous sum and I think it shows what a special community we belong to.  We can now start to purchase the food so on 8th December our students can work with Sunshine Action at school to make the food parcels for the different charities.  To help our students with the food parcels we need parent volunteers, approximately 30.  These parents will be working with groups of students to help them make the food parcels.  If you are interested please click here

Stationery – some of the children are fast running out stationery they need for school.  Can you please take some time whilst Christmas shopping to maybe grab some stationery items that your child needs for school?  The holidays hit and the kids tend to forget what they need so getting topped up before the break is a great idea.

Here’s a refresher of the items that we need for school each day…

  • black, red, blue pens
  • HB pencils
  • pencil sharpener
  • erasers
  • 30cm transparent ruler
  • coloured pencils
  • felt tip pens/coloured markers
  • highlighters (various colours)
  • glue sticks (lots!)
  • scissors
  • whiteboard markers (various colours)
  • whiteboard eraser
  • calculator
  • geometry set
  • headphones (in-ear is preferable)

School Uniforms and Winter Clothing – some children are coming to school dressed for a trip to Antartica!  Can we please urge you to check the weather forecast before the children get themselves dressed in the morning?

If they are a little chilly in the morning can they please pop on their purple/blue/red school uniform jumpers/jackets rather than wearing layer upon layer of warm weather gear under their school shirts.  Our classrooms are very warm and we will remind the children to put on their jacket at break time if needed.

Leaving Early – if you are planning on taking your child out of school for an early Christmas holiday could you please mind just shooting off a quick email to the class teacher, please?  It just helps us to plan out our activities for the last week of school.  Thanks so much