Year 2 Update Wk 37

This week the children have continued learning about the different continents and oceans, they have been creating their own lapbooks full of lots of information. The children have been enjoying their Information Literacy lessons with Ms Jeves, who has been working with the children on the determining importance comprehension key. They have been using their metacognitive skills by using De Bono’s blue thinking hat during library rotations and white thinking hat in UoI. 
2A Tianne Leung
2F Aidan Chow
2M Madan Chhetri
P.E. Eddie Habel Ferreira
I.C.T Mason Chau


Children continue to bring home one book per night to read with an adult. If they do not complete the book in one night, they are able to bring this home to read the following night. Please ensure that you are leaving a comment about your child’s reading in their reading journal. In June your child’s class teacher will continue the final assessment of your child’s reading in Year 2. Therefore the colour of their reading may change before the end of term. We ask that you please be patient as we complete the final assessments as it can be quite time consuming.  

Library Book Bag
Please make sure your child has their book bag and library books on the correct day.
Daily Collection
Children are taken by their class teacher to the front steps at 2:55pm daily, to allow them to leave the building in a safe manner before 3:00pm which is when the Y4-6 classes are dismissed. Please ensure you are there for 2:55pm to pick up your child. Thank you.

Learning Centre Parent /Family Borrowing

As you will have seen in the school newsletter it is now possible for parents, younger children and other family members to borrow from our library.  By registering for a family borrowing card you can borrow two books from any section of the library, including the new Parent Collection which contains books about healthy living, behaviour management, fun art activities and days out for children in Hong Kong.

The library is open for family borrowing at these times:

  Before school After school
Monday   2.45-3.30pm
Tuesday 8.15- 9.00am  
Wednesday   2.45-3.30pm
Friday 8.30-9.15am  

To register for a family borrowing card please complete the form found on the school website’s communications page.

For any questions please contact Emily Jeves;

Fruity Friday

Every week at Beacon Hill we have ‘Fruity Friday’. Children are asked to bring a piece of fruit as their healthy snack.