Year 3 Update Wk 32


  • Tuesday 13th June  – Y3 Bake Sale
  • Friday 16th June – Rescheduled Dream Come True Trip
  • Friday 30th June – Last day of school (finishes at 12pm)


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Our final unit of Y3 the children will be inquiring into how people collaborate towards a common goal. The children will be learning about different workplaces and the roles that people have within their workplace.  

If you think you could spare some time over the next month to come in and talk to Y3 about your workplace and the role you have please get in touch with your child’s class teacher.

Thank you to the parents who have already volunteered, we are looking forward to hearing about your jobs!

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If your child has Deli Fresh for lunch, please talk to them about their food choices as we have noticed a lot of children are reluctant to finish their lunch.

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Please remember that we have a NO NUT POLICY at BHS due to some children having severe allergies. This includes peanut butter sandwiches and nuts in cookies or cakes.

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Recently in Year 3, we have had a couple of instances of items going missing.  After speaking to the children on each occasion, the items were returned to school the next day.  Whilst, I am pleased that the children have reflected on their actions and returned the item to school, I am disappointed to have to share this news with parents.  Please can you remind your children that any items they bring to school should be labelled with their names and if it is something very precious to them, it should not be brought to school.

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Dream Come True Education Park

We have been able to reschedule the trip to Friday 16th June. An e-mail has been sent out to all Y3 parents. 

People collaborate towards a common goal

Lines of Inquiry

  1. Different workplaces and the roles people have (responsibility)
  2. Shared goals in group situations  (connection)
  3. Systems that support collaboration in the workplace (responsibility)

This week the children looked at the different skills needed for collaboration. They started to inquire into the different skills needed for different occupations. The children used their Approaches to Learning to help them research an occupation they were interested in.

Next week the children will have their first guest speaker who will come in to BHS to talk to the children about their job. They will continue their research into a particular occupation. Ask you child about the different ways they can find out information. 

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Addition and Subtraction are related and are used to solve problems

This week the children continued to use their addition and subtraction strategies with money.  They also had the opportunity to visit Y3’s own ‘shop’ which has been set up in the shared area, the children got a hands on experience of buying items with the right amount of money and getting the correct change.

Next week the children will continue to apply their addition and subtraction strategies to real-life situations. They will also be doing some revision of units covered throughout Y3 as well as starting to have a look at Probability. 

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New tasks have been set in relation to time.  Please encourage your child to log on and complete tasks as part of their home learning.

Image result for exposition textThis week the children had a look at different types of exposition texts and deconstructed them in small groups.  They are becoming familiar with the features of exposition texts and have discussed as a class and small groups.
Next week the children will continue to look at different job advertisements and create their own posters to convince someone to buy an item they have chosen to advertise.  They will also be looking at the comprehension key, making connections and will look at how they can make text to text, text to self and text to world connections. 

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Children will be borrowing books from school on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. On Monday and Friday the children will read an online book from Reading Eggspress at home.
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Reading Eggspress login details and passwords can be found in your child’s diary. 
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Children have also started to read online books from Big Universe. 

No Golden Book this week due to Dragon Boat Festival.

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Please help support your child with this week’s home learning task which can be found in their folders.
Home learning will be set on a Wednesday and returned on the following Monday.
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