Year 3 Update Wk 8




  • School Photos – Week of 12th October
  • Camp Information evening – 14th October, 6pm
  • 3K Class Assembly – 16th October, 9am
  • Half Term – 16th October, 3pm
  • School resumes : Monday 26th October
  • Maths Workshop for Year 3 Parents – 3rd November, 6:45pm
  • Mandarin Parent Consultations – 10th, 12th, 16th and 18th  November
  • Year 3 Camp – 25th and 26th November






Camp tip:1

Please encourage your child to have their shower independently and hang their towels up when they have finished.

  • School photos :  3H Monday 12th October at 9am, 3K Monday 12th October at 9:30am, 3D Tuesday 13th October at 9:30am
  • All children must wear their school uniform on Monday. 
  • Camp information evening is on Wednesday 14th October at 6pm in the main hall. This is a very important meeting to discuss your child’s first overnight camp.
  • World Maths Day is on Wednesday 14th October. Please encourage your child to log into their mathletics account and practise the games.
  • Well done to all the children in Year 3 who remembered to bring fruit and vegetables to school for snack on ‘Fruity Friday’.
  • Children are now borrowing books from the Learning Centre. Please ensure your child returns any books borrowed after two weeks.
  • Please remember that we have a no nut policy at BHS due to some children having severe allergies. This includes peanut butter sandwiches and nuts in cookies or cakes.
  • Please ensure that ALL uniform (including shoes) is clearly labelled with your child’s name.
  • Please remember to check you child’s diary each evening for letters, updates and information.

 International Peace day

21st  September


Peace, Hope, Love

2How the World Works

Central Idea – Forces affect life on Earth and impact the world around us


Lines of inquiry

 Types of forces

How forces work

The ways forces impact the world around us


The children will be asked to share what they already

know about forces. 




Central Idea

Addition and subtraction are related and are used to solve problems


Lines of Inquiry
The roles of symbols and the language of addition and subtraction.
Strategies for memorizing addition and subtraction number facts.
Mental and written strategies for adding and subtracting two and three digit numbers.


Please encourage your child to complete the Mathletics activities set.





Instructions tell us how to make or do something.

The features include:

Title – What is being explained

Goal – What is the aim of the procedure

Needs – what is needed to complete the procedure

Steps – Step by step instructions

Check – How to check it works.



The children will follow a set of instructions and determine what makes clear instructions.



The children will create and share a conversational poem. They will practise reading them out using appropriate rhythm and tone.



Congratulations to :

Jannat Jabeen and Alicia Wong (3H),  Kwan Ho Yuen and Ember Yaranon (3K),   Bernard Lau and Samuel Tsang (3D)

IMG_2766          IMG_2763           IMG_2761  IMG_2760          IMG_2759           IMG_2758




Position, location and direction

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