17 Jun 2016

Year 5 Update Wk 39



Tuesday 21st June – Year 6 Production to the school

Friday 24th June – Mid-day – school finishes

Important Information:

*As the weather is getting warmer, please ensure your child is coming to school with their cap for outdoor play as well as plenty of water for PE.


Year 5 have been very busy working on their identity projects and writing letters to their Year 6 teachers. It has been refreshing to see the children take so much pride in their work to really express their identity in a variety of ways!

The children explored the ways in which their bodies will change during puberty and enjoyed the chance to discuss and talk freely about any aspects that they felt needed further clarification.

Well done Year 5 for taking such a mature approach to the unit!

Please continue to support and discuss this topic with your children.



Transdisciplinary Theme: How we express ourselves

Central Idea:

A person’s behaviour and how they choose to present themselves can project aspects of their identity.

Lines of Inquiry:

  1. How appearance and behaviour influence our perceptions of others (perspective)
  2. The influence of cultural and social norms on an individual’s self-concept and self-worth
  3. The arts as a form of expression (form)

  Next week the children will be using their presenting skills to present their personal projects to the class. We will also reflect on the unit as the final term of Year 5 comes to a close.



In strand and number maths this week, the children will be consolidating their learning by exploring rich tasks and creating their own patterns.


5A: Andrew Han- For enthusiasm and excellent manners.

5P: Nain Chow – For being a happy, positive and mature student.

5Y: Alyssa Ho- Applying herself within all areas of her class work and looking out for others.


Return all portfolios, library books and home readers by Monday!

Due to the weather getting hotter and the humidity on the rise, we have felt the need to speak to the children about wearing deodorant/ antiperspirant. From next week there will be spray deodorant and wet wipes made available to the Year 5s. We would appreciate if you could discuss this with our child. We understand that some people do not like to use sprays etc. If this applies to your family; roll on deodorant, wet wipes or a wet flannels are good alternatives and can be easily stored in cubbies or school bags.