30 Apr 2015

Apr 25 – TOM Competition

Well done to our TOM team who had their annual competition last weekend. Our TOM team, Ayahiko Usui 6F, Anakin Teahan 5B, Chris McCoy 6H, Duncan Wong 6H, Nicole Yuen 5A, Serene Yoon 6H and Venisha Goyani 5D, spent the last six weeks preparing for the competition. Our team worked together over a six week period to solve a Long Term Challenge and on Tournament Day, they presented their solution to a panel of judges. They had to decide on a creative plot to answer the challenge question, write a dramatic script and make all the props needed as well as specialise in two theatrical skills. The children worked on these at home as well as in their lunchtimes.  On the Tournament Day, the team also had to solve an unseen Spontaneous Challenge which involved very creative thinking where they needed to give a response to a challenge after four minutes!

Well done to the team! They put in a great effort and enjoyed a great day.

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