30 Apr 2015

Apr 30 – International Day

Our International Day today was very exciting and it was fabulous to see everyone dressed up. I hope the children enjoyed the various art activities they tried out and have learnt something new about a different country, continent or culture! A big thank you to Ms Jessica Wan and Mrs Kitty Wan for the wonderful face paints they did for the Year Twos and Threes. Also a big thank you to Ms Elaine Suzuki and her team for their great efforts on international day working with the Year Ones to make some lovely Japanese art and craft activities. Thank you for supporting our fundraising efforts today on our International Day. We have raised over $30, 000 which we have sent to UNICEF. This contribution will provide help for those affected in Nepal. Our thoughts are with those affected families and indeed with members of the BHS community who have family links with Nepal.

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