Lunch Menu

The PTA oversees the provision of hot school lunches.  Currently we have contracted Delicious Chef King Catering Ltd (DCK) as the hot lunch provider.  Lunches are ordered online and payment is made through PPS.  Each child has been given their own unique login ID and password which they must use for ordering.  If you are a new student or have misplaced this you can contact the PTA or DCK directly on 2464 1838.  To sign in please click on the link below, navigate to the “Order Page” on the top right hand corner and enter your login details.  You will be asked to choose a meal from 4 options for each day of that particular month.  Menus come out usually mid month and orders must be made within the ordering timeframe.  Our newsletter will inform you when ordering menus come out and the deadline for orders to be placed.  If you wish to order please look out for this as late orders will not be accepted.

Please note the following requirements from DCK:

Absence cancellations (not applicable during Inclement Weather Cancellations)

  • Lunch cancellations can only be made through email and must be sent out before 8:30am in the day required.  Please email stating school name, student name, class and cancellation date(s)
  • No refunds / credits will be made for meals cancelled after 8:30am

Inclement Weather Cancellations

  • No refund (ie. EDB announcement, black rainstorm or no.8 typhoon signal)
  • If school wishes to cancel partial meal orders due to special activities, school shall provide written notice at least 3 working days in advance