24 Mar 2017

Mandarin Monthly Update #7


Getting organised for Mandarin lessons

If your child has been given a Mandarin folder (including textbooks, activity books and exercise books), she/he needs to bring it to every Mandarin lesson.

Home Learning

  • Home Learning is usually given out in the first or second lesson of the week and due a week later. It is the responsibility of students to bring their diary to Mandarin lessons and enter home learning details into their diaries during an allocated time.
  • The amount of home learning varies from class to class. It usually includes reading aloud, copying Chinese characters, writing sentences, reading storybooks, writing book reports, preparing for dictations etc. Some classes will have weekly written tasks while other classes may be given oral practice only.
  • Please let your teacher know if you have trouble completing your home learning on time.

Taking Care of Books

The replacement costs for books lost are as follows:

  • Chinese Made Easy textbook $250 each
  • Chinese Made Easy activity book $150 each
  • 小学华文 $100 each
  • 中文 $100 each
  • Other Chinese books $ 75 each
  • Mandarin folders $25 each