17 Jun 2019

Mandarin Monthly Update #9

Y1 – Students in Year One have been learning words and phrases that are related to fruits as part of our Mandarin standalone unit “Sharing the Planet”.  At the end of the unit, they should be able to name various fruits in Mandarin. They have also been practising writing characters such as 苹果,西瓜 and etc.

Y2 – Students in Year Two discussed why it is important for them to learn Mandarin. They also shared positive experiences and strategies that have helped them in reading and writing Chinese characters.

Y3 – Students in Year Three have continued with the topic of school and stationery. They will focus on related “action words” next week.

Y4 – Students in Year Four have been learning phrases and sentences that are commonly used in farewell cards. They have been given opportunities to write farewell cards to friends and teachers who will be leaving us at the end of this school year.

Y5 – Students in Year Five have been learning the vocabulary related to school subjects and items that they usually carry in their school bags.

Y6 – Students in Year Six have been revising the following topics – seasons and weather, visiting the doctor, countries and schools.

Y1 – We just finished our last topic “宠物二“ 。 We have learnt how to describe our pets with using 大, 小 和颜色。

Y2 – We are nearly finishing our last topic of Food.  Children have learnt the most of their favourite names in Mandarin. Please encourage them to use them when you are out dinning.

Y3- We are on our last topic, Fruit.  They also learnt lots of songs about fruit and able to ask for the fruits they like.

Y4-  We are working on the topic of Food and Drinks.  There will be a lot of role play involved.

Y5-  We are stopping at 中文5 第六课。  We will continue to use the same book next year.

Y6- We are working on researching about Beijing Opera as our stand along unit.

Y1 – After inquiring into customs and traditions of the Dragon Boat festival, they made cards and learned singing a song for Father’s Day.  Now we have started learning fruits ”水果”。

Y2- After learning daily routines, they have been learning about stationery.  They should be able to name: 铅笔(pencil)书包(school bag)etc in Mandarin. They also practise strokes for Chinese characters writing.

Y3-  Students in Year 3 have learned the texts of “江河”。(中文2 第十一课)。They have learned about Chinese measure words (量词):条,个,只,张etc。 They sing songs, practise character recognition and writing and present orally in class in Mandarin.

Y4-  They have learned the texts of  “折筷子”, “猴子捞月亮” ,“猴子掰玉米”, (中文4 第5,6课)。They have also been practising story writing and doing oral presentations in Mandarin.

Y5-  Students in Year 5 have finished learning the texts of 小学华文2A 。They have been reviewing,  creating and sharing stories in Mandarin.

Y6-  While they are busy rehearsing for their production, students in Year 6 are finishing up their final project in Mandarin.  They have been preparing and doing their oral presentations in Mandarin.

Getting organised for Mandarin lessons

If your child has been given a Mandarin folder (including textbooks, activity books and exercise books), she/he needs to bring it to every Mandarin lesson.

Home Learning

  • All children are encouraged to take a reading book home on the days when they have Mandarin lessons.
  • Home learning is now given out in the year group weekly update under the heading Home Learning. It is the responsibility of the students to check the weekly update and make sure that they finish their home learning before the due date.
  • The amount of home learning varies from class to class. It usually includes reading aloud, copying Chinese characters, writing sentences, reading storybooks, writing book reports etc. Some classes will have weekly written tasks while other classes may be given oral practice only.
  • Please let your teacher know if you have trouble completing your home learning on time.

Taking Care of Books  

The replacement costs for books lost are as follows:

    • Chinese Made Easy textbook $250 each
    • Chinese Made Easy activity book $150 each
    • 小学华文/欢乐伙伴 $100 each
    • 中文 $100 each
    • Other Chinese books $ 75 each
  • Mandarin folders $25 each