24 Mar 2015

Mar 24 – Yr5 Big Business

The Year 5 Big Business unit of inquiry came to a climax on Tuesday 24th March with Beacon Hill’s very own Market Day. The business groups sold a variety of goods including toys, cakes, candy, stationery, drinks, games and much, much more. For the first time, 150 Year 5 students from Sha Tin Junior were invited as they have also been working on their Big Business unit.
All of the profits will be donated to Immanuel Kindergarten in Sudan, Africa (http://www.immanuelkindergarten.org/305391274) to help build a well which will provide clean drinking water for their students.
A big thank you to all the students and staff of BHS and Sha Tin Junior who shopped at the Market Day. You have helped to make a big difference to those who are not as fortunate as ourselves. Well done!
Click HERE for more photos.