29 May 2015

May 20 – Yr6 Exhibition

The Year 6 Exhibition was held on the evening of Wednesday 20th May. It was the culmination of the students’ inquiries into a range of varied issues based on the Central Idea ‘Individual and group action can make a difference to how societies uphold human rights.’ Through the Exhibition unit the students worked in groups to inquire into a human rights issue that affects people in Hong Kong. Their work culminated in them demonstrating what they had learnt over the 7 weeks through different presentation modes such as music, drama, art, animations, videos, stories and poetry. The children worked brilliantly in collaborative groups during the duration of this Unit and this was clearly demonstrated through both the Exhibition evening itself and via the ‘Action Week’ that took place two weeks prior to this. We would like to congratulate all of our Year 6 students on an amazing Exhibition and thank all of the parents and teachers who came to support them. An outstanding success!

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