28 Aug 2019

Music Monthly Update #1

Understanding the concept of beat or pulse in music and songs. Learning short songs such as “Bananas in Pajamas” and “Alison’s
Camel” and adding percussion instruments.

Listening to different kinds of marches and being able to recognize what musical qualities make this type of music suitable for marching.

Exploring the variety of sounds that we can produce on non-pitched percussion instruments in the classroom.

Understanding the difference between beat and rhythm. Learn songs such as “Listen to the Music” and “Got the Beat”.

Using instruments to create classroom arrangements of songs such as “A Sailor went to Sea”.

We will also learn some action songs.

Examine the way composers convey meaning in their music using different tempos, dynamics and and pitch.

Listen to parts of “Carnival of the Animals” and encourage students to describe different creatures using various classroom instruments.

As part of their Sharing Unit students will be exploring the role of music and songs in different cultures.

They will compare the instruments and features of music from Africa and Indonesia and question how music is valued in different societies, often reflecting people’s beliefs.

Looking at bugle calls and brass fanfares.

We will examine how brass instruments work and students will compose their own examples of fanfares on classroom instruments.

We will also listen to examples of fanfares in the orchestral repertoire such as “Fanfare for the Common Man” by Aaron Copland.

We will be looking at rounds and 2 or 3 part songs.

We will examine the ways in which they are composed and use instrumental accompaniments to add colour and texture to the music.

Chamber Choir

The Chamber Choir has had their first rehearsal this week.

Thank you to all those brave children who auditioned for the Chamber Choir.

Congratulations to those who got in! If you did not manage to get in this year, please try again next year!