30 Nov 2018

Music Monthly Update #4

The students will explore some of the traditions people celebrate at Christmas time.

They will listen to and perform some examples of secular and religious songs such as Jingle Bells and Away in a Manger and think about how we can use classroom instruments to add variety to our performances.

As part of their sharing unit, students will explore the role of music in festivals and celebrations.

They will learn some Christmas songs such as “Little Donkey”and also start thinking about New Year songs such as Auld Lang Syne.

Explore some of the different Christmas musical traditions, comparing traditional and modern songs as well as secular and sacred.

Explore textures in musical performance such as solo, small ensemble and whole class as well as using percussion instruments to add colour.

Students are starting to learn to play ukulele.

They are learning how to strum and how to play the chord shapes of  C and G7.

They will be learning one or two simple songs such as “Lily the Pink” and “Coming round the Mountain”

Students have been learning some different rounds and creating their own short compositions that explore melodies with parallel 3rds and 6ths.

They are also exploring music for some of the early computer games and creating their own examples.

Looking at some of the devices composers use to create certain effects in their music, students will compose their own examples of winter music.

They will explore sounds that evoke Christmas, such as sleigh bells, a melodic motif on a glockenspiel or other metallic sounds.