25 Jan 2019

Music Monthly Update #5

Students have been exploring ways of telling a story using vocal and body sounds as well as classroom percussion instruments.

Children will use the story “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt” as a stimulus for expressive composition.

Students will be increasing their repertoire of songs and using tuned and un-tuned percussion instruments to accompany performances.

We will also be examining the way we can notate musical ideas.

We are thinking about “Painting with Sounds”.

Using different musical instruments to describe different scenes and different moods.

Working in small groups, using a picture as a stimulus, students choose sounds which convey or suggest specific ideas and structure them into short compositions.

Students are continuing with their ukulele lessons, increasing their repertoire of chords and learning new songs such as “Coming Round the Mountain” and a 12 bar blues sequence.

As part of their ”Big Business” unit, students will compose and record a musical jingle that advertises their product.

They will also explore the role of underscoring to create a specific mood or image.

We are examining the role of a songwriter and how meanings are conveyed through lyrics, melodic lines and harmonic progressions.

We will examine scat songs, folk songs as well as 12 bar blues progressions.

The class will perform a twelve bar blues, bringing together their knowledge and understanding of the blues chord sequence and song structure, as well as using their improvisation skills.

Chamber Choir @ ESF Fun Run

The ESF Fun Run is tomorrow!! Practise all your moves and music tonight please!