25 May 2018

Newsletter #33

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Dear Parents,


I hope you were able to enjoy the lovely weather with your family during the long weekend. With our shortened work week this week, our site and office staff were joined by others from ESF to participate in the ‘Rice Dumpling Day’ last Monday. Even with the extreme heat, there were close to 40 participants who joined, and successfully met the target of wrapping 1000 dumplings in the morning. Together with the pre-cooked dumplings, the volunteers helped put a smile on over 1000 elderly Hong Kong residents. The dumplings that were wrapped will be delivered to two activity centres on 5th June. Well done and thank you to the BHS staff who volunteered and thank you to ESF for organising the event.



2K shared their assembly with the school this morning. Sadly I was at ESF Centre so missed the performance but I am reliably informed that it was a wonderful assembly truly appreciated by the school and of course, their parents. Well done to 2K, Ms King, Ms Carlotta and the other adults who helped.


Last night students and adults performed in our annual Summer Music Concert. There was a varied programme with performances by the Orchestra, Ukulele Group, Chamber Choir, Percussion Group and Community Choir. Thank you to all the performers, to the parents of Vera and Augusto for supporting in the orchestra and to Ms Chloe Ma, Ms Kannis, Mrs Blair and of course, Mr Gibson. More photos can be found HERE.


Our calendar for the new academic year is now finalised. We have been waiting for the Hong Kong Government to confirm the gazetted holidays. You can view a copy of the calendar on our website: https://www.beaconhill.edu.hk/calendar-2/






In addition to the action our community took on Monday, I wrote last week about the action our Year 5 students and teachers took during their ‘Big Business’ unit of inquiry. You may like to take a look at this website to read more: http://www.immanuelkindergarten.org/305391271


Have a lovely weekend.





BHS Dance Off 2018

We have just completed the first round of the BHS Dance 2018.  It was wonderful watching all the talented performers.  Unfortunately we could not include everyone in the next round.  Below is a list of the children who are in through to the next round and when they will perform.


Wednesday 30th May, 12:45 to 1:30 pm in the hall.  Bring your lunch.
Name Class Name Class
Jada 1W


Thea, Annabelle & Alice 1P
Adam 1W Cassie & Stephanie 3F
Vanessa 1L Winsley, Fae & Natalie 3F
Mavis & Sophie 1L Jayden 3F
Selene 1L Charlotte 4F
Dany & Indiana 1P Ariel & Charlie 4L



Thursday 31st May, 12:45 to 1:30 pm in the hall.  Bring your lunch.
Name Class Name Class
Yvaine and Keira 5D Shawn 2D
Alegra 5F Khristie, Beatrice and Chloe 2D
Andrea & Sasha 6D Gingerly 5C
Eunice 2A Tina & Samaa 6D
Amira 2A Krisheena 6Y
Casey and Olivia 2D Couleur & Alexa 6Y & 6H
Seraphina and Mona 2D



Dancers may perform the same dance or choose another.  All dances should be approximately 1 min long. There will be 6 performers chosen to perform at one of our Golden Book Assemblies.  We will judge the performances on:

  • Energy
  • Moves
  • Choreography
  • Rhythm


Good luck.

The Student Council



Aquathon Team

Well done to the Beacon Hill aquathon team who competed last week at the Kellett School aquathon. The aquathon event consisted of a 250m swim followed by a 800m run. All of the Beacon Hill team members did their best and completed the whole course. The ‘A’ team finished 12th in their event and the ‘B’ team 10th. Individidual times and results are below. Thanks to the parents who came to help run the team and thanks to Dylan’s mum for taking photos which can be viewed HERE.


A Team Time Place
Douglas 10:43 30th
Zach 10:52 32nd
Dylan 14:09 43rd
Charlotte 10:00 13th
Mia 10:39 24th
Katie 13:20 45th


B Team Time Place
Henry 13:19 40th
Ricci 14:23 41st
Brody 14:31 42nd
Poppy 11:50 29th
Vien 11:53 30th
Hannah 13:10 39th



Tim Teahan




Deadline for Jun DeliFresh order was 16 May.  If you have not yet ordered and still wish to do so, please contact DeliFresh directly on 2116 2207 or feedback@delifresh.com.hk


New Lunch Provider

As mentioned previously, DeliFresh will not continue in the next academic year.  An eNotice was sent out a couple of weeks ago to survey whether there is enough interest to continue with the hot lunch provision.  Delicious Chef King Catering Ltd have expressed interest.  Lunches will cost $31 per day but they require students order every day  for that month instead of a minimum select days.  They will also need a minimum number of 150 orders per day to be viable at that cost.

So far 311 responses have been received but only 92 students have expressed interest.  If you have not yet responded please can you do so as soon as possible, it will only take a minute.

We reiterate that the feedback from Sha Tin Junior School is very positive and school lunch orders are on the increase there.  You can click HERE for photos of some meals they serve.


Upcoming events

29 May – Y1 Bake Sale

31 May – Quiz Day Y3-6 only, 3:15-5pm

5 Jun – Y2 Pizza Lunch, deadline for order was Wed 16 May.

19 Jun – Y3 Bake Sale





Disclaimer: Beacon Hill School and the English School Foundation do not recommend or endorse any external events in this newsletter. There is no contractual arrangement between BHS/ESF and the event organisers.