8 Jun 2018

Newsletter #35

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Dear Parents,


I hope you have had a positive and productive week. Here are the important dates you need to know about for the final three weeks:




The teachers and Senior Leadership Team have been formulating the new classes for 2018-19. You will receive a letter on Monday 25th June informing you which teacher your child will have in August. Considerable time and thought is put into organising the classes, considering many factors. These placements are final and no changes will be made. The children will find out and spend an hour with their new teacher and classmates on Monday 25th June as a first step to building new relationships and fostering the excitement of new beginnings. I hope that families at home will also nurture the excitement and opportunities new class groupings bring.


The busy term has continued. Our Year 6 students and teachers are working incredibly hard on the end of year production. This week we had students take part in the ESF Expressive Arts day at RCHK on Tuesday (photos can be found HERE) and Year 3 had a visit to ‘Dreams Come True’. Sadly, due to the very wet weather accompanied with thunderstorms, our Year 4 and 5 swimming was not able to happen this week. Fingers crossed for next week!


The ESF Education Team met with the BHS Senior Leadership Team this week to review the past year and to plan how the team can continue to support BHS in the coming year. One of the many benefits of ESF is the network of schools and the support available from ESF Centre. This was further highlighted with ESF’s newly appointed Communications Director, Rob Shorthouse, visiting BHS on Wednesday. We look forward to working closely with him and his team to develop better communications with existing parents and with the wider Hong Kong community.


End of Year Reports will be available for parents from the evening of Monday 25th June. (via The Beacon for Year 1 and 2 students; via The Gateway for Year 3 to 6 students). These reports provide parents and students with information regarding academic and social progress and development. Please do take the time to read them and discuss with your child. We recommend you save and print off copies for future reference.


Have a lovely weekend.



James Harrison


New Lunch Provider

We are pleased to announce that we have signed a contract with Delicious Chef King Catering Ltd (DCK) to be the lunch provider for the next two academic years.  In order to have hot lunches available when the children return from the summer break, we shall be sending out the menus for August & September early next week.  Please note that orders must be returned by 22nd June.  As mentioned previously, DCK require students commit to order lunches every day for that month rather than a select few days.


Uniform Shop

Uniform shop will be closed for summer holiday from June 19th – August 9th and will be re-opened on Friday August 10th at  9:00am.

Uniforms will be available for sale on the following dates:

Friday, August 10th 9:00am – 3:00pm
Monday, August 13th 9:00am – 3:00pm
Tuesday, August 14th 9:00am – 3:00pm


Special Opening Hour

15th to the 24th of August, the opening hours of the PTA shop will be from 8:15am to 9:15am.

After the 24th, we shall be launching an online order form.  Exact details will be made available later, for updates please check subsequent newsletters.

Should you have an queries, please feel free to contact Ms Janley at 2337-8932 or pta@bhs.edu.hk


Upcoming events

19 June – Y3 Bake Sale

20 June – Stock Take (Uniform Shop will close from 19 Jun)







Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease (HFMD)


One student is on sick leave diagnosed with this communicable disease.  The child is resting at home and will resume school as per doctor’s advice.

Symptoms of HFMD may include fever, sore throat, (painful) mouth ulcers and skin rash with vesicles on hands and feet.


If you suspect that the child has HFMD, please consult the doctor for confirmation of diagnosis.

The sick child should refrain from school and to return to school as advised by the doctor.


Please closely monitor other children in the family.

Always Keep Hands Clean.



The appointment letters have arrived (only for parents or guardians who have consented for their child to join this service).

We have passed them to your child’s class teacher or your child’s educational assistant (for you) the week starting 4 June 2018 Monday to 8 June 2018 Friday and if you have not received it (from your child), please could you let us know as soon as possible.



When you attend the centre, please bring along the following:

  • The appointment letter.
  • Past medical records of the child for the health visit.
  • Child health record (applicable to student who has previously joined the Student Health Service or Family Health Service).
  • Immunization record.
  • If the child wears glasses, please bring them along.


Please be punctual, for those who arrive late, another appointment may be arranged.

Also, if you are not able to attend on the scheduled date, please re-schedule your appointment at the earliest possible time.  The contact telephone number is on the appointment letter.


Thank you.

Rosalind Chen

Disclaimer: Beacon Hill School and the English School Foundation do not recommend or endorse any external events in this newsletter. There is no contractual arrangement between BHS/ESF and the event organisers.