3 May 2019

Newsletter #31

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Dear Parents,


Welcome back to our final term of this year.  It is set to be as busy as ever.


This morning the school was treated to a wonderful presentation of 2F’s learning from their latest inquiry into how systems meet the needs of communities in their class assembly. Through poetry, art, story writing, making, song and dance the students showed how the parts of the transport systems of Hong Kong work together and how, with a little bit of imagination, they could be greatly improved. The students spoke confidently and with such enthusiasm, it was clear how much they have enjoyed their learning. A huge thank you to 2F students and all the adults who helped to put the assembly together.


Thank you for the overwhelming response for hygiene items donated to Hands On Hong Kong.  These items will be delivered to Kennedy School in preparation for the Serve-a-thon event on Saturday.


Thanks also for the $10,000 which was raised for our Autism Awareness Day which has been donated to JCSRS.  Here’s a message from their PTA:

On behalf of the JCSRS PTA, we would like to extend our deepest gratitude for your support of World Autism Awareness Day and our Danceathon.

Thanks to you and all the caring, courageous students, teachers and staff, we are not only closer to the financial goal of purchasing a bus for our special needs children, but also touched by a strong sense of kinship with the broader ESF community. We are overwhelmed by your spirit of inclusion and support.

To date, we have received over $210,000 from the ESF schools and parent communities who have participated in the Wear Blue Day and the Danceathon. While we still have much work ahead of us to reach our goal of $1 million for the bus, your support has kickstarted our efforts in a huge way, and lifted our spirits and hope.

With best wishes,

Sandra Feran & Sandra Lee

Co-Chairs of the JCSRS PTA


Congratulations to Mr. James Whyman and the students in the Art club whose work is featured in the ESF promotional materials for the Art Event at K11 Art Mall.  The Art Exhibition will be open from 24th May-2nd June.


Also please read the published interview of Mr. Stu Lowe, sharing insights into how we are using technology to enhance learning at BHS.

Thank you, Mr Lowe for showcasing the work of BHS students on an international platform!

Click HERE to read the article.


New School Nurse

I am very pleased to inform you that we have recruited a new school nurse, who has been doing some supply with us before the Easter break.  Ms. Crystal Tao has very quickly settled into the BHS family and has already got to know some of the students well.  If you have any queries for the nurse, she may be contacted at crystal.tao@bhs.edu.hk


Wellbeing Focus

The students in 3W have come up with a super way of making sure everyone has a friend they can play with.  They have come up with the idea of a Friendship Bench on the playground where children can go and sit if they are feeling a bit sad or need a friend to play with.  The children can then approach those on the bench and invite them into a game.  What incredibly thoughtful and kind action to take!


Student Achievement

February 23 – Sera Yang (6Y) participated in “2019 Hong Kong Children and Youth Piano Contest”.
The competition may have happened a few months ago but results only came out last week. And amongst the Intermediate group, she got awarded a Bronze prize! Well done Sera!


April 17 – Quinton Tan (2K) participated in Wu’s Taekwondo Association (HK) rank assessment which involved fitness test, foot techniques of back kick and round house kick with back kick. He also completed in one-kick free sparring. Quinton performed well in the assessment and was promoted to a higher rank of middle rank with green belt. He is so delighted to receive the green belt. Good job Quinton!


April 26 – Emma Wong (1W) participated in the “2019 ISI Glacier Open & Basic Challenge” held at Festival Walk. She tried really hard and won the silver medal in Pre-Alpha group! Emma started her ice skating practice 2 years ago. She had practiced really hard for this competition. Well done Emma!


April 27 – Marcus Chan (4A) participated in the Oxfam Musical Marathon 2019. This is an event which young people share their music on stage for raising fund for the children in poverty. Marcus performed two piano pieces, one classical and one modern Chinese, for the event at MOKO plaza. He hopes that his action in sharing music to people can help fulfilling the dreams of those children in poverty and allow them to have more resources for living a better life. His performance has helped to raise HK$1,500 for the event. Well done Marcus!


April 27 – Donovan Yim (6H) continued to excel in the 2019 tennis season.  He joined the Hong Kong Tennis Junior Competition in April, which attracted 497 players to participate.  His doubles team managed to thrash the 2007-born boys’ team in two straight sets 6-3, 6-4 in the round of 16 in almost two hours for the 12 years old and under tournament.  Currently ranked #7 in the Hong Kong boys 2008-born doubles, Donovan (blue T-shirt at the left corner) and his partner had to face the biggest favourite team (later crowned champion) in the quarterfinals at Hong Kong Tennis Centre.  The weather was windy and right after the yellow rainstorm just a couple of hours before the match.  Donovan’s team has given their best and yet could not avoid a loss in two sets.  Nevertheless, Donovan has shown endless effort to fight to the end.  He will be BACK. Keep going!


April 28 – Luis Man (2F) passed his Taekwondo assessment today and got promoted to a red belt. Well done Luis!


April 28 – Sheldon Law (1P) participated in the “Family Fun Day 2019 – Track and Field Competition”. He managed to win a gold medal for Standing Long Jump. This will mark as his third medal in this sport. Keep it up Sheldon!


April 28 – Felipe Wu (2D) participated in the Hong Kong Children’s Choir 50th Anniversary Concert in Hong Kong Cultural Centre Concert Hall. It wasn’t the first time Felipe performed in the concert hall but not an easy job for him since all his pieces performed this time were Cantonese songs while he doesn’t speak Cantonese. Felipe spent much time practising at home and was very engaged in his weekly training and all the rehearsals during easter holidays to make sure he performs Cantonese songs excellently. His great effort was highly praised by tutor and he gave a wonderful performance with great enthusiasm and confidence. Keep it up Felipe!


May 1 – Coen Li (5C) took part in the NMCC non music major music competition (Hong Kong regional). He played confidently in his age group in front of 2 renowned international judges, Dr Mary Wu and Dr Macchiionsk. He performed really well and won the gold award! After winning the HK round, Coen will compete in the finals in Los Angeles this coming August. Good luck Coen!


May 1 – Jake Wong (3M) took part in the YMCA Sport Climbing Competition. It was his first proper competition and he managed to get top of his category. Well done Jake!


May 1 – Enok Tsang (6Y) participated in the Talent Search offered by the Centre of Talent Youth (CTY) of the Johns Hopkins University in November 2018. By taking a special MCQ test called School and College Ability Test (SCAT) designed by CTY, it screens out potential children to be eligible to enrol into special training programs.

The test result of Enok’s first attempt was very good and graded as High Honour. He was invited to attend the certificate presentation ceremony held on May 1 2019 in the Grand Hall of HKU. Well done Enok!


At BHS we value the importance of developing the ‘whole’ child and this means valuing their achievement and interests outside of school.  If your child has achieved something special, we would be happy to share that with the BHS community through this newsletter.  Please email details and a photograph to kannis.tsui@bhs.edu.hk


Action in the PYP at BHS

April 13 – Lillian Ng (1W) sold flags to raise money for the Christian Alliance Church and Methodist Centre on two consecutive Saturdays during the Easter holidays. Both charities run centres and programs to support young children and the elderly. Lillian took risks and approached strangers with confidence although she encountered rejection sometimes. People were encouraged by Lillian’s willingness to give up her time during her holidays for good causes. Fantastic work Lillian!


Action in the PYP is when students are inspired through their learning and their experiences to make a difference to their lives or the community connected to real life issues and opportunities.  We would like to celebrate our students taking action outside of school.

Please email examples to kannis.tsui@bhs.edu.hk, and they will share through our newsletter.


There are different types of Action.  Last time a description of how ‘participation’ is a form of action was given, below is an description of how advocacy is a form of action.


Important Dates


Kind regards,

Susan Chung
Acting Principal


BHS Chess Team

April 21 – Gabriel Chan (4W), Marcus Su (4F), Julien Leung (4F) and Felix Lee (4F) represented BHS in the “ActiveKids – The Chess Academy Hong Kong Inter-School Team Chess Championships 2019” at Saint Benedict‘s School, and won the 1st runner-up in the Lower Primary division.  Felix played exceptionally well and won the 1st Runner up for Board 4.

There are a total of 14 teams from different primary schools. Each team played 7 rounds in the game.  The games were tougher than what we expected.  BHS team fell to 8th place after round 4.  The story never end that easily.  With the unyielding spirit of the team members, BHS team made an extremely strong rebound and beat PLK Choi Kai Yau, Singapore International School’s Team A and GSIS in rounds 5 to 7 respectively.  In the end, BHS team won the 1st runner-up in the tournament.  Well done BHS chess team.

The final rankings of the competition:
Champion –  ISF (Lower Primary Team A)
1st Runner up – Beacon Hill School
2nd Runner up – La Salle Primary School (Team A)

Mandarin Club

Mandarin Club will resume on Monday, 6th May. We hope to see many of you there. We will continue with stories from our beloved “Journey to the West” (西游记)series in our Mandarin Club. We know most of you love Monkey King, but there are other very interesting characters in the book. This time, we will share a story about the Piggie (猪八戒). While he may not be as heroic or brave or powerful as Monkey King, he is surely a very funny and storied character. Was he born a pig? If not, how did he become one? How did he meet the Tang Monk and Monkey King? And why did he join their journey?

Year 6 Exhibition Group Action

Virtual Team-G

Check out our blog to keep updated on the latest information for video games that can help kids with teamwork. We are helping children and parents to choose games that are age-appropriate and fun at the same time.

Click HERE to visit our blog.

Community Choir

If you are interested in joining our community choir, we rehearse on Thursdays at 3pm and 7pm in the Music Room.

This is open to all parents of BHS students, ex-parents of BHS and to BHS Staff. Our next performance will be at the Summer Concert. No auditions or previous singing experience – just lots of enthusiasm needed!

For existing members, click HERE for the audio files.


April 27 – Hena Yang (6D), Yi Wing Chan (6D), Sera Yang (6Y) and Gabbie Zara-Ann Patience (6H) participated in the “All Hong Kong Inter School Gymnastics Competition 2019”.

This prestigious competition attracted 92 entries from 19 schools for the Girls Grade B Group those who were born in 2008.
The students took part in the Balance Beam, Floor, and Vault categories.

To top it all off, Hena and Yi Wing demonstrated a great performance; Hena being placed at 10th and Yi Wing at 12th of overall individual ranking.

With their hard practice and fabulous teamwork, they got awarded the 3rd place!!

Congratulations to these four girls.

April 28 – Jake Wong (3M) took part in the Boys C Grade Gymnastics Competition. He managed to get the scores of 13.450 in the vault & 13.550 in the floor exercise. Keep it up Jake!


International Food Fair Lottery


Lottery Licence No.4698


02091, 02671, 01448, 05116, 10651, 03898, 00328, 10560, 09882, 02443, 04589, 02530, 11066, 11596, 02641, 08780, 09221, 01047, 06340, 06881, 07546, 04062, 07711, 07250, 08462, 04169, 09232, 01736, 06747, 10850, 10009, 05200, 01385, 01555, 00519, 07673, 02984, 03490, 05580, 07694, 06825, 01122


Some prizes have yet to be collected.  Please contact Janley on 2337 8932 or visit  our PTA office at 23 Ede Road, Kowloon Tong to arrange collection of prizes on or before Friday 11th May 2019.


A reminder again to all students who have not returned the lottery packets.  Unsold tickets must be returned for auditing.   All ticket sales and money must be verified as part of the lottery licence requirements.  Every ticket must be accounted for otherwise it may jeopardise approval of future licences.  Please double check and return as soon as possible.

Hot Lunches

DCK have made an error in their May lunch orders and have charged $2 less for each meal.  A note shall be issued requesting for an additional $40 to be paid in cash by 10 May.  They apologise for all the inconvenience caused.


The summer uniform is on sale.  If you wish to place an order please click on the link, fill in the form and hand in a cheque with you child’s name, class, contact number and uniform marked on the back.  We shall send the order straight to classroom as soon as the cheque is received.

Uniform Order Form – http://bit.ly/2XNssr2

Upcoming Events

Tuesday 21 May Y4 Pizza Lunch

Tuesday 28 May Y1 Bake Sale

Email : pta@bhs.edu.hk


Disclaimer: Beacon Hill School and the English School Foundation do not recommend or endorse any external events in this newsletter. There is no contractual arrangement between BHS/ESF and the event organisers.