21 Jun 2019

Newsletter #38

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Dear Parents,


2018-19 End of Year Report

Your child’s End of Year Report will be available via The Beacon for Years 1-3 and the Gateway for Years 4-6 from Monday 24th June after 4pm. Again this year, to be more environmentally aware and to be in alignment with other ESF schools we will not be printing a copy of your child’s report for you. This year’s report, along with previous year’s reports, are available for you to view electronically and a hard copy can be printed off whenever you require one.


Year 6 InCAS Results

Earlier this term, your child participated in the Interactive Computerised Assessment System (InCAS), a program developed at Durham University (UK).  The children undertook standardised tests in English, which included word recognition, word decoding, reading comprehension and spelling, and in Mathematics, which included Mental Mathematics.

These results can now be viewed on the Gateway by following the link from Student Demographics to Assessment (located on the right hand side of the screen).

Results are displayed in 6 month bands based on chronological age indicating if they are operating above or below chronological age.  It is important to keep in mind that this is just a snapshot.

Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any further questions at susan.chung@bhs.edu.hk



Your child will have brought home their portfolio this week.  The portfolio is evidence of their learning journey this year.  Your child has demonstrated ownership of their own learning by selecting and reflecting on some of the pieces of work.

The work in the portfolio was chosen to show: successes, growth, higher order thinking, creativity and reflection from all aspects of the curriculum.  Constructive feedback and reflection, by your child, demonstrates that the portfolio is a valuable celebration of an active mind at work.

We feel that this portfolio says a lot about your child as a learner and so with this in mind, we would like to share them with their new class and teacher at the start of the next academic year.  We would appreciate your help in returning the portfolios to school by Monday 24th June.  They will then be returned to you to keep in early September.


Student Achievement

June 14 – Andy Yeung (6Y) has been selected to the Hong Kong National U11 Football Team. He will be playing in the goalkeeper position and will continue training with the team after the summer break. Andy has been playing for Lee Man FC U12 since 2018 and represents the team to play in Jockey Club Youth League organized by The Hong Kong Football Association. Congratulations Andy!


June 16 – Cassy Wu (4W) participated in the “MYO Orchestra Performance at HK Disneyland” as a Cellist. She gave a wonderful performance alongside other members of the orchestra. Bravo Cassy!


June 17 – Anissa Chen (5F) got her Taekwondo black belt in May and recently received the tailor made black belt from the association. Well done Anissa!


June 18 – Cameron Yeung (6H) was invited to the National Training Squad 12U tennis assessment in May. Players were assessed on technical, tactical and physical strength. Cameron fought through two rounds of assessments before she was accepted into the prestigious national program. With the NTS mission “Best in Asia” in mind, Cameron is very excited about the opportunities and challenges ahead and will keep working hard to reach her full tennis potential. Congratulations Cameron!


June 19 – Chloe Chu (3W) got a distinction in the ABRSM piano exam for grade 2.  It is always true that “no pain, no gain”.  Chloe pays a lot of efforts on practicing every day.  She enjoys playing piano in front of friends and classmates.  Performing piano in the assembly is one of the most unforgettable experiences to Chloe. She had participated 4 piano competitions over the past 2 years and got amazing results, first runner up for 3 times plus 1 gold prize.  Chloe will keep working hard on the piano. Keep it up Chloe!


At BHS we value the importance of developing the ‘whole’ child and this means valuing their achievement and interests outside of school.  If your child has achieved something special, we would be happy to share that with the BHS community through this newsletter.  Please email details and a photograph to kannis.tsui@bhs.edu.hk


Action in the PYP at BHS

June 19 – Gabbie Patience has been boxing up things she doesn’t need any more such as toys and clothes and helping her mum to take them to Crossroads for other people to enjoy them! She has really enjoyed donating goods to Crossroads! Well done Gabbie!


Action in the PYP is when students are inspired through their learning and their experiences to make a difference to their lives or the community connected to real life issues and opportunities.  We would like to celebrate our students taking action outside of school.

Please email examples to kannis.tsui@bhs.edu.hk, and they will share through our newsletter.


There are different types of Action.  Last time a description of how ‘participation’ is a form of action was given, below is an description of how advocacy is a form of action.


Important Dates


Kind regards,

Susan Chung
Acting Principal


Mandarin Club

This coming Monday will be our last Mandarin Club for this term. We hope to see many of you joining. We had such a wonderful time last Monday with songs and dances, so we decided to end on a high note. We will again play music and sing some popular songs this time. Our headline pieces will be the ones many of you expressed strong interest in. So come join us and make our Grand Finale a memorable one!

BHS/ESF 2019-20 Calendar

Please find attached the BHS/ESF calendar available for all parents. Please click here to view the 2019-20 term dates, CPD (i.e., staff professional development days) and various holidays.


Hot Lunches

Deadline for August & September ordering has lapsed.  Please note DCK will not accept any late orders.


The Uniform Shop is now closed for the rest of the school year for Stock Take.

Should you wish to order and pick up before commencement of term we shall reopen 8, 9 & 12 August from 9am – 3pm.  Thereafter we will revert to online ordering and delivery to classroom.

Upcoming Events

8,9 & 12 August Uniform Shop open 9am-3pm

Email : pta@bhs.edu.hk



Disclaimer: Beacon Hill School and the English School Foundation do not recommend or endorse any external events in this newsletter. There is no contractual arrangement between BHS/ESF and the event organisers.