13 Oct 2015

Oct 10 – Netball Match

BHS Rockets had a very successful week in the HKNA Saturday League. We played ESF Wildcats Nettas team and won 16-0! It was a fantastic game and we played well as a team. In defence we had Michelle, Isaac, Milly and Victoria. Our attack was Aiden in centre, Kristy in the wings and Manika as our shooter. Aayesha and Armaan came straight from the ESF football tournament and went straight on in the second half and helped lead the BHS Rockets to victory!

On Saturday October 10th, BHS Starburst played Clearwater Bay School in the HKNA Saturday League. It was a very close game and in the end we drew 4-4. Our shooters for the game were Massimo, Allister, Angela and Jessica. Centre court players were Courteney, Noriyasu, Ellie Chow, Haye and Jasmin. Then in defence we have Janice, Ellie Chung and Jessica. Well done to all of BHS Starburst for a great game!


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