Special Educational Needs

Beacon Hill School is an inclusive school where all students are included and valued as part of the school community.

Students who require additional support are identified using the ESF Levels of Adjustments.

Students identified at Level of Adjustment 1 or 2 are supported in the mainstream classroom by the Head of Special Educational Needs and  team of SEN Educational Assistants.  Student needs may range from  mild Speech and Language Difficulties, Attention Deficit Disorder, Specific Learning Difficulties, Sensory Integration  and/or  Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Students  at Level of Adjustment 3 or 4 are identified as Learning Support.  These students have  more moderate needs that may require specialised teaching from our SEN team.    At Beacon Hill School we have capacity for 21 Learning Support Students which include three Learning Support Teachers and three Learning Support Educational assistants.


Whilst students are encouraged to access the mainstream curriculum, they may also benefit from additional programming offered by the SEN department:

Withdrawal Literacy and/or Numeracy groups

Perceptual Motor Programming

Fine Motor Programs

Social Communication curriculum

Software programs to support memory and/or academic development

Sensory Integration program

Friends For Life – anxiety and resilience programs

Lunch Club

Psycho-educational Assessments with an ESF Educational Psychologist (by referral)

Speech and Language Therapy (parent funded)

Occupational Therapy (parent funded)

Counselling (parent funded)