7 Feb 2018

Year 1 School Closure Learning


Learning Experiences for Thursday

Chinese New Year poetry

Talk about the different things we can hear, see, taste, smell and feel at Chinese New Year.

Try creating a short poem with 5 lines (one for each sense)

Using your careful handwriting and drawing write it up and use it to decorate your door or window.

Learning Experiences for Wednesday

A Little Seed

Here is another poem to learn that connects to our inquiry. Try adding actions to this one too.

Suggested Learning Experiences for Tuesday

Watch the following video – How does rice grow? 


Draw then label or write about something new you have learnt.

Collect some packets, tins, food packaging and look at the ingredients. Discuss with an adult where the foods come from. Eg: spaghetti – Where does the wheat come from to make spaghetti or rice -where does rice come from? How does it grow? Use Big Universe as a research tool to help with this.

Suggested Learning Experiences for Monday

Please remember that these are guidelines and suggestions for your child to do at home with an adult. The completion of these tasks will not affect the assessment of this unit as we will continue with our Sharing the Planet unit when school reopens.

All about trees

Can remember how we worked in groups to write down everything we already know about trees?  This information is from your schema or background knowledge.   Now we want you to do some finding out

  1. Log on to Big Universe- Search for the book, Trees by Christine Peterson.
  2. Now read it with an adult.  There are some books that you will be able to read by yourself, have a look at those too.
  3. Talk about the facts you have learned.  Draw and write about five things you learned that you found most interesting.


Learning for Thursday and Friday

To build understanding of non living and living things the children can make some observational  drawings of the things they can see and find around them. This could be spending some time wandering around their local environment or carefully watching the world outside their windows.

Encourage them to form two groups of drawings which show different examples of living and non living things. Talk with them about recording findings and ideas which will help them remember what they saw and also be shown to other people.


Remind them about details and take care to colour carefully and accurately so that others can learn from their pictures, for example if they can see a tree they should try to match the colours of its leaves and branches not use their imagination to make it a rainbow tree.

Learning Experiences for Thursday

Alphabetical order

When we are using the library at school we need to remember to put our books in alphabetical order, using the surname of the author.  This makes it easy to find the book that you want. Can you say the alphabet in order?  Can you pick 6 books from your bookshelf at home and put them in order using the first letter of the author’s surname?  Here is a useful online game which will help you practise alphabetical order.  It uses capital letters as we do in the library to organise the books. Remember you must be with an adult when you are using the Internet.


Learning Experiences for Wednesday

Making connections

Choose a familiar story and practise explaining the connections you make to the adult you read with.  Useful sentence starters:

I made a connection to…

This reminds me of…

This makes me think of…

I connect to this part because…

Find a piece of paper. Draw the point in the story where you make a strong connection and then what it reminds you off.  Remember to record the title of the book and to add words to explain your connection.  Here is a great example from Ethan in 1W who made connections to the book Hop on Pop by Dr Seuss.

Learning Experiences for Tuesday

Chinese New Year song

Can you sing the song to your friends and family?  Try adding some actions to each line.


Learning for Monday

If you reading at home why not try to be a book detective at home.

Just like we did in the library see what books you can find on your own bookshelves that match these descriptions.



Learning for Thursday and Friday

Encourage children to role play with a selection of toys and safe household objects. We have been discussing settings (where the story is happening), characters( who or what the story is about) and problems (things that happen and need to be sorted out).

Encourage the characters to talk to each other or each participant can take on a different character role. Stories could be verbally planned before hand or  just allowed to eve love as the play progresses.

Practice narrating the story and using interesting well organised language to add the details to the story. This could be performed to or with other members of the family, to help reinforce the idea that there is often an audience for our work. Encourage clear speaking and remind children that the audience needs to understand what is happening so that the story can be enjoyed
by everyone.


Learning Experiences for Thursday

Numbers around us

  • using car number plates – add the digits to find biggest, smallest and total  
  • sharing out sweets, toys etc in groups of 2, 3, 4, 5 etc  
  • looking for numbers – in shops, on buses, doors, cars  
  • using sandwiches to show fractions 1/2, 1/4  
  • finding ‘big’ numbers in newspapers  
  • pressing the digits on the telephone to make a call with an adult  
  • looking for numbers in the home eg washing machine, thermometer, cooker  
  • folding towels to show ½, ¼  

Learning for Wednesday


A trip to the supermarket/ flower market / shops are a perfect opportunity to do some maths together.

  • looking at prices
  • counting change – which coins
  • different combinations/  deciding on coins to pay a $10
  • weighing fruit and vegetables in the supermarket
  • notice labels on bottles, packets, in order to discuss capacity, weight, shape, colour  

Learning for Tuesday

Weight Activity   

To support the work we have started on weight, we would like the children to look around the home and draw pictures of items that you estimate are heavier or lighter than yourself.

Learning for Monday

You could spend some time completing some  Mathletics tasks that have been set for you. 



Learning for Thursday and Friday

To supplement our work on capacity and measurements please  encourage the children to explore the different shapes and sizes of the pots, pans, boxes and containers they can find in the kitchen.

They can try fitting different ones inside each other, grouping them according to size and shape or order them according to how much they could hold.

Use the vocabulary of size ( small medium and larger is a good starting point), shape and capacity (the maximum amount that something can contain.) Discuss what they would choose to hold different things and how they could all be placed inside the cupboards.

Children could go a step further and fill up the containers with different objects, comparing what they can hold. They could try to match the size and shape to a selection from their own toy boxes and work out which holds the most or a toy like lego, blocks, animals cars etc.



Thursday 8th Feb

Ms Hoe – For Mandarin culture activities, please have a go making your own red packets (红包) with the link below:

Red packet:  https://drive.google.com/file/d/1gtWvs7GYUjfQA1qFIkhgzySun8bJHWgU/view?usp=sharing

Note: please cut along the black line, the dotted lines are for folding and the areas with * are for you to put some glue on .

Enjoy the video with the link below and try to figure out the order of the 12 zodiac animals:


Friday 9th Feb 

No scheduled Mandarin lesson today.

Monday 12th Feb

No scheduled Mandarin lesson today.

Tuesday 13th Feb

Please practise the Chinese family members song in Mandarin https://drive.google.com/open?id=1MOkQHksd4ozNuzcbhuAw6zwBGoumxChK

Wednesday 14th Feb

Please click on the following links and practise singing two Chinese New Year songs at home –  “The CNY he nian song” and “The Gong Xi song”. We will be singing the CNY he nian song at the Golden Book assembly after the CNY holiday. Don’t forget to do the actions too!

The CNY he nian song –


The Gong Xi song –



Thursday 15th Feb

Ms Hoe –

Today you can decorate your house with the Chinese new year poster of  Fú   (Good fortune) with the link below:


In addition, please familiarise yourself with the 12 Chinese zodiacs again, try to learn how to say them in Mandarin and remember the order, here are the links to help:




Chinese Zodiac Song


Have a lovely holiday. 新年快乐 (xīn nián kuài lè ) Happy New year !学业进步 (xué yè jìn bù) Success in your studies!



Hi Year 1. For learning technology activities please see the following links below. These are all activities that continue the ideas that we have been looking at around keyboard and mouse control. All links are for computer web browsers and may not work properly on a phone or iPad.

Keyboard practice – http://www.abcya.com/cup_stack_typing_game.htm

Keyboard practice – http://www.abcya.com/jump_key.htm

Mouse / touchpad practice – http://www.abcya.com/mirror_paint.htm

Drag n drop and coding – https://studio.code.org/s/coursea/stage/9/puzzle/1

(this one might need a little adult help)


Get active! Go to the playground and play on the equipment. Throw and catch a ball with a sibling, helper, parent, uncle, aunty, grandma/grandpa. Do some skipping. Play tag with some friends in the playground. Ride a bike. Run around. Use all your muscles. Send a photo of what you have been doing in the playground to Mr Teahan timothy.teahan@bhs.edu.hk


Have a go at making some musical instruments at home.

Click the link below.