7 Jan 2019

Year 1 Update – Week 17

Tuesday 15th January – Year 5 Bake Sale – please bring in $20 to buy a tasty treat.

Welcome back:  We hope that you all had wonderful holidays.  The children all came back to school very happy to see their friends.  Many children were very tired and some even fell asleep on the carpet!  Please remember that children aged 5-6 need at least 11-12 hours sleep in order to be ready for the next day.

Maths:   In maths this week the children were very busy estimating, measuring and comparing length.  They measured objects, reflected upon the need to be accurate, and applied their learning to simple question and problems.

Library:  Starting from next week all children in Year One are able to borrow two books from the Library.  They are now able to borrow a fiction and a non-fiction book.  Please enjoy sharing and reading the library books to you child – they choose these books themselves!

How We Express Ourselves

Central Idea:   Thinking helps us to imagine and create.

Next week during U.O.I rotations children will be thinking about problems that are in nursery rhymes and reflecting carefully about creative ways to solve these problems.  Children will be designing, planning and then making their ideas on how to solve the problems.  

An artist that we will focus on next week is Leo Lionni.   He is a children’s book author and illustrator who was born in the Netherlands.  His art work is well known for being colourful and detailed, mixing a variety of mediums including oil paint, collage, and pastels.

End of Year Reports

At the end of last term you should have been able to access the mid year report for your child. You will have needed to do this through The Beacon and will have needed to use the logins which were given at the start of term in the starter pack.  These details have also been emailed to you.

This is the statement that we posted on the weekly update before Christmas.  Please keep in mind that the outcomes and levels are based on where the children are at the end of Term 1. The outcomes you will see are what we expect the children to achieve by the end of Year 1. Term 2 and 3 will provide many opportunities for the children to continue building their knowledge and understanding in these areas. The levels you see may not be their final Year 1 results.

Health awareness

As we enter flu season we ask that for the next few weeks you check your child’s temperature in the morning before they leave for school.  The aim is to prevent the spread of illness and ensure that children are fit and ready to learn. A child with a temperature of  38 degrees or higher should not be coming to school.   We would also suggest that if your child has had a temperature overnight it would not be appropriate to send them to school.  As always please talk to your child about the importance of thorough hand washing.  There will be a record sheet attached to your child’s diary on Monday that we ask you to complete each day.

Thank you for your support.  

Emily Jeves Vice Principal Year 1 and 2

Action in the PYP at BHS

It has been great celebrating the talents and achievements of our students through the ’Student Achievement’ section in the newsletter.  We would like to do something similar with Student Action. Action in the PYP is when students are inspired through their learning and their experiences to make a difference to their lives or the community connected to real life issues and opportunities.  We would like to celebrate our students taking action outside of school.

Please could you email examples to me, andy.thompson@bhs.edu.hk and I will share through our newsletter.

There are different types of Action.  We would like to start with a focus on Participation.  See below for a definition and examples

Type of Action Examples

Being actively involved in their learning and contributing as an individual or a group

Getting involved with community projects

Making appropriate choices and taking responsibility to help people

Taking on different roles e.g. being a leader, completing my chores, working in a group, looking after my pet

Taking part in any decision making process

Joining a new club

                          We Need You!

Parent volunteers are so important at Beacon Hill school as they help to support even more engaging and meaningful learning experiences.  We are currently looking for parents to help during our Wednesday Inquiry Play rotations. This is a termly commitment and you will be asked to support the learning of groups of children from all the Year 1 classes. The session runs from 10.50am to 12 pm EVERY Wednesday.

We are also looking for Native Mandarin speakers to support the following weekly Mandarin play sessions.  These sessions run on Thursdays from 11.15 to 12.45pm.  Thank you to the parents who are already signed up.


Week 4 with 1P and 1L

Thursday 28/2

Week 5  with 1L and 1W

Thursday 7/3

Week 6  with 1P and 1W  

Thursday 21/3

Week 7  with 1P and 1L

Thursday 28/3

Week 8   with 1L and 1W

Thursday 4/4

If you are available to help for either the term of Inquiry play rotations on Wednesdays or any of the Mandarin sessions on Thursdays please contact Ms Jeves at jevese2@beaconhill.edu.hk  THANK YOU!


Next week we will be continuing with measurement.  We will move onto a week on measuring weight.  Like length, the focus will be measuring with non-standard units such as cubes, paper clips and other small objects.   Children will continue to practise the skills of estimating, weighing and comparing.  Some questions that the children will be reflecting upon are: what is heavy but small?  what two objects weigh the same but are a different size?  What are two objects that weigh the same?  What weighs the same as a given object?  How heavy is this object?

Mathletics: – there are now some more activities open.  Please enjoy supporting your child with these tasks.

Please help the children to complete the Mathletics tasks that have been assigned to your child. The children can also enjoy Maths Live and play other children live across the world.

Next week in reading our focus will be looking for problems in stories and reflecting on how and why they were solved.  We will also look for examples in stories where authors give a description of a character.  We will be looking particularly at the language that makes a ‘good description’ such as interesting details and exciting adjectives.

Next week in writing our focus will be story writing.  Some children may describe characters, some may focus on a problem and a solution and some may write a simple story.  Please ask your child what they are writing about.

Unit  3 Phonics:

The phonemes for this unit are: v, w, y, j, n, k, e
The camera words for this unit are: all, is, me, no, they and said
Please support your children in learning to read and write the camera words from unit 1, 2 and 3.  When you are playing the suggested phonic games please use the letter sounds rather than say the name the letters of the alphabet.  If you need guidance about how to pronounce the letter sounds this link should help you  http://www.getreadingright.com.au/phoneme-pronunciation/

1L – Celina Xue

1P – Emily Lo

1W – Bradley Mak

Congratulations to all our Golden Book children!

It was wonderful to hear that so many parents were able to join the well – being information session run by Ms CHung at B.H.S on Thursday.
Image result for 5 ways to wellbeing
Here is a link to a useful website with information with useful information about the 5 ways to wellbeing which we are using at BHS.