11 Mar 2019

Year 1 Update – Week 25

Friday 22nd March – 1L Assembly
Friday 29th March – B.H.S Food Fair
Friday 29th March – 1W Assembly
For Class Assemblies, parents are invited to watch their own children and should wait at the main entrance from 8:45 am. Assemblies usually finish around 9:30 am.
Thursday 11th April – Year One Sharing Day (More information to follow) 
Clay with Ms Cassie
 As part of our current unit of inquiry, the children have been learning through the arts. Over the eight weeks they are experiencing different forms of the arts such as; dance, photography, visual arts, music and clay. This week all of the Year One classes have had their second clay session with Miss Cassie. They have been learning different clay skills and working towards creating a clay photo frame. They will be sharing their clay skills with you during our Year One Sharing morning which will be held on Thursday 11th April. 
Year 5 Market Day
Today was the Year 5 Market day and the Year One classes enjoyed browsing all the stalls and purchasing some lovely, handmade items that were all created by the Year 5 students. Thank you for your support.

Where We Are in Place and Time

Central Idea:  Exploring evidence helps our understanding of people’s histories.

Next week, we will be starting to look at the photographs of the children  growing up and constructing time lines to show their personal histories. Please take some time to chat to your child about what they were like as a baby/toddler, what they liked doing and favourite things that they liked to play with, eat etc. The more background information that the children have about themselves the better!

Starting on the 25th March the children at BHS will be able to share their love of reading and caring for the planet even more during our Green Book Week. Here are some of the ways your child can be involved:
Dress up Day
On Tuesday 26th March the children and staff will dress up as book characters for the day.  There can be a green, environmental link to the costume, it can be made of recycled materials or it can simply be your child’s favourite book character.  Prizes will be given in each class for the most creative costumes.  
Get Caught Reading in Nature Competition
The children can enter this competition by sending a photo of themselves reading in the great outdoors.  There will be prizes for creative and fun ideas.  All entries are to be sent to Ms Jeves at emily.jeves@bhs.edu.hk All entries need to be emailed by 1st April.  Please include the child’s name and class in the email subject header. 
Art competition
Mr Hoskins and the Eco Squad have launched an exciting competition that all children can get involved in to draw or paint native Hong Kong wildlife.  All entries are due in 29th March.  The top two entries will be displayed in the school’s butterfly garden. 
More details about other events are available in this week’s newsletter. 

International Food Fair Poster Competition  

Create a poster using the computer, crayons or felt tips, advertising our International Food Fair.

There will be a prize for the winning poster and it will be printed and displayed in ESF schools and other venues!

Please write your name and class on the back of the poster and hand it to Mrs Mulligan  (Rm 301) by  20th March 2018.


Your Poster MUST include the following information:

Beacon Hill School PTA International Food Fair

Address: 23, Ede Road, Kowloon Tong

Date: Friday 29th  March 2018

                                               Time: 5 – 8pm

                                                  Free Entry

Live Entertainment

Children’s games with prizes

Nail and  transfer Tattoo Bar

Bouncy Castle

The Grand Raffle Draw

                                   Enjoy food from around the world!

This year we will be trying to be more eco friendly and minimise waste

Bowls and cutlery hire – $10 deposit


1L and 1W Parents please could you support the work that we are doing towards our class assemblies by helping the children to learn their lines. Thank you for your support.


Next week we will be exploring the idea of capacity. The children will be learning the language associated with capacity such as; full, empty, half full, almost full, almost empty. Through practical experiences, the children will be having the opportunity to fill, empty and make comparisons of containers related to their capacity.

Mathletics: – There are now some more activities open.  Please enjoy supporting your child with these tasks.  If your child is not yet logging onto Mathletics independently please support them to do so.

Please help the children to complete the Mathletics tasks that have been assigned to your child. The children can also enjoy Maths Live and play other children live across the world.

Image result for question marks

Next week, we will continue to think about the difference between questions and statements and will be encouraging the children to ask question before, during and after reading texts. The children will be learning to sort their questions and search for answers to their questions when they are reading.

When reading with the children this week you could try pausing and modelling your own thought processes and questioning. They can then try this for themselves and together you can see if your questions are answered as you continue to read.

Unit  5 Phonics:

The phonemes for this unit are: ch, sh, th, wh
The camera words for this unit are: what, going, give, like, do, says
Please support your children in learning to read and write the camera words from unit 1, 2, 3 and 4.  When you are playing the suggested phonic games please use the letter sounds rather than say the name the letters of the alphabet.  If you need guidance about how to pronounce the letter sounds this link should help you  http://www.getreadingright.com.au/phoneme-pronunciation/

1P Henry Leung

1L Alexis Ho

1W Larry Zhou

A few of you were able to come to the Marie Marchand parenting workshop last week. We thought we would share a link to her website as she has many interesting and helpful articles for parents.