26 Jun 2019

Year 1 Update – Week 1


Monday 19th – Thursday 22nd  Blue and Yellow groups come to school until 12:00. Children will not be eating lunch at school

Friday 23rd and Monday 26th children will eat lunch at school then go home at 13:00. There will not be any DCK Lunches so all children need to bring a lunch from home.

Tuesday 27th children will attend for the full school day and go home at 15:00

Monday 2nd September DCK lunches start for those who have pre-ordered.


Some important things to do and remember:

End of day arrangements

Please ensure that you inform the school office and the class teachers if there are any changes to the home time pick up or school bus arrangements. This should be done via email before 12:00 on the day of the change.



All morning snacks need to be provided in a named reusable container.

Do not send extra drinks in cartons as the children will have plenty of time and access to their water bottles throughout the day.

Snacks put in ziplock bags or not in containers easily get lost and damaged resulting in no snack for those students.



It is BHS policy that children wear hats for all outdoor play and PE times. Hats should come to school everyday. They need to be clearly named.

Names in all shoes and clothing

You need to add name labels to all uniform including shoes. Children get very upset and confused if they cannot find their belongings.


Bedtime Routines

Please start to adjust bedtimes so that children can get between 10 -12 hrs sleep each night. Bedtimes past 9pm will mean that the children are too tired and sleepy for school the next day. Late bedtimes will have a huge negative affect on their ability to learn and do well in school.


This first week has all been about welcoming everyone to their new school and helping them feel welcome and comfortable in their classrooms. They have listened to stories, played with new classmates, talked about themselves and gotten to know their new teachers a bit more.




In the coming week we will be helping the children understand and create the rules and routines for school. We will also support them in making new friends and encouraging everyone to explore the different resources in our classrooms and shared areas.


We will provide an overview for you in next week’s Update of our coming Inquiry, Maths and English units







Golden Book awards are given to individual children to celebrate something great they have achieved. The certificates are presented in a weekly whole school assembly.

As the year 1 children are still very much settling in they will not attend this assembly for a few weeks. We will inform you of when they do and who received the award from each class.