21 Oct 2019

Year 1 Update Week 11


Year 1 Sharing Days – 1P – Monday 11th November

                                    1L – Tuesday 12th November

                                    1G – Friday 15th November

Please make sure that you have signed the enotice for your child’s sharing day.

Year 1 Pizza lunch – Tuesday 5th November


 A week in the life of Year 1…..

The children have thoroughly enjoyed their Thursday afternoon sessions at the pitch. It has been great to see them using the PE equipment such as the balls, hoops, skipping ropes and bats to create their own games and practise their PE skills. Our sessions at the pitch are a great opportunity for the children to enjoy an open space whilst also engaging in physical activities such as, football, skipping, playground games and athletics activities.

                                                                 Central idea:

We connect with each other to create learning communities.

This week we have been busy exploring our learning community by interviewing people in our community who help us with our learning. We have been impressed by the children’s questioning and speaking and listening skills whilst conducting their interviews with people such as, the school nurse, Mr Teahan, Mrs Cook and Mr Gibson. The children have also been inquiring into what they learn and the types of things that help them with their learning. 

Next week, we will be starting to build a toolbox of tools that help us with our learning in and out of the classroom. The children will also be busy reflecting on their learning during this unit in preparation for our sharing days the following week.




                                                                        Numbers can be added and subtracted

                                                                                                                                                        Image result for addition and subtraction clipart

This week in Maths we have been focusing on how we can use number lines to help us with our addition. The children have been involved in lots of practical number line tasks.

We have also been continuing with our learning about repeating patterns using shapes and colours and we have started to look at patterns in the number system.



                                                       Image result for number sentence                                                       


Please help your child to complete the Mathletics tasks set for them and have fun playing Maths Live. It is expected that an adult will support your child whilst they are completing these tasks. If you have any difficulties using the website please let us know.

                                                                   Writing helps us to connect and communicate   

                                                                                                Image result for writing

In English this week the children have been learning to write full sentences to explain how they are connected to others. We have discussed the use of a full stop to show the end of an idea and tried to remember to add spaces between each word so that others can read what we have written.

In Readers Workshop, the children have been continuing to look at elements of stories such as characters and setting and this week we have been focusing on problems in stories. 


Set 2 Phonemes –   r  l  d  b  f  h  i  u   We will be teaching the children to blend the phonemes for reading and segment the phonemes for writing and spelling.

The camera words for this unit are: day, of, a, he, today, for   These are sight words and we teach the children to take a picture of these words in their mind.

Please continue to use the phonics bookmark that will be sent home on Wednesday for games and activities that you can play together to support our phonics teaching.

Please also use the new laminated bookmarks that highlight the reading strategies that we are teaching the children in class to decode unknown words that they encounter when reading.                          

                                                                           Get Ready to Talk 

As we work on developing the children’s language skills, in the Updates we will be asking you to take some time to sit with your child and talk about something linked to our unit of inquiry. This week we would like you to talk to your child about problems in stories. When you are reading your home reading books, library books or any fiction books that you have at home, try to help your child to identify the problem in the story.

 1P – Emma Lee

1G – Agnes Chen

1L – Myla Tan

                                                                                            Melvin Siu


                                                                                 Pizza Lunch

Dear Parents,

We will be having Pizza lunch on Tuesday 5th November 2019.  As part of our theme of well-being and responsibility we would like to protect our environment from unnecessary waste.  If your child is having pizza, they will need to bring in a reusable lunchbox or plate to use. We greatly appreciate your support in this.