14 Oct 2019

Year 1 Update Week 9


Monday 21st October – Come dress brightly coloured to celebrate Diwali

Thursday October , 24th, 31st and Thursday November 7th, 14th and 28th – Year 1 Pitch – Please see the enotice sent out by Mr Teahan. Please complete the form to give permission for your child to attend these pitch sessions.

Thursday October 24th– Year one LEAP visit- please complete the enotice. (1P will not go to the Pitch on this day)

Friday October 25th – School closed for staff CPD. Children do not attend this day.

 Our week in pictures…….


The children have really enjoyed the great weather this week with lots of chances to enjoy valuable outside play. Our trip to the sports pitch was a fantastic afternoon and a great opportunity for the children to be with friends across the whole year group.


                                                                 Central idea:

We connect with each other to create learning communities.



 We have begun to talk about the word community this week. Asking children to think about the different communities they belong to and who is in them. There have been some discussions about families and the word we use for different members of our family. Some children were a little confused about what to call their parents’ siblings: Aunty and Uncle. Many were not sure of the term cousin. It would be great if you could talk with them at home about your own family. This could be recorded on a simple family tree diagram which children could bring to share with classmates.


                                                          Image result for family tree                                                                     



                                                                        Numbers can be added and subtracted

                                                                                                                                                        Image result for addition and subtraction clipart

We have continued to discuss the use of + and = to write number sentences. The children have played games and taken part in practical counting activities to consolidate their understanding that addition mean adding more or making a number bigger.



                                                       Image result for number sentence                                                       


Please help your child to complete the Mathletics tasks set for them and have fun playing Maths Live. It is expected that an adult will support your child whilst they are completing these tasks. If you have any difficulties using the website please let us know.


                                                                   Writing helps us to connect and communicate   

                                                                                                Image result for writing

In English this week the children have been learning to write full sentences to explain how they are connected to others. We have discussed the use of a full stop to show the end of an idea and tried to remember to add spaces between each word so that others can read what we have written.

As we have mentioned before, we really want the children to see themselves as writers and be keen and motivated to write for themselves. Please do not correct all words if they are not spelt correctly and celebrate your child’s efforts.

In Readers Workshop, the children have been looking at the different parts of a story as a way to help them retell what we have read. We have started to build our understanding of characters, setting, problem and solution.


 Next week we will start our second set of phonemes:   r  l  d  b  f  h  i  u   We will be teaching the children to blend the phonemes for reading and segment the phonemes for writing and spelling.

The camera words for this unit are: day, of, a, he, today, for   These are sight words and we teach the children to take a picture of these words in their mind.

Please continue to use the phonics bookmark that will be sent home on Wednesday for games and activities that you can play together to support our phonics teaching.

Please also use the new laminated bookmarks that highlight the reading strategies that we are teaching the children in class to decode unknown words that they encounter when reading. 


                                                                                            Get Ready to Talk 

As we work on developing the children’s language skills, each week in the Weekly Update we will be asking you to take some time each week to sit with your child and talk about something linked to our unit of inquiry. This week we would like you to talk to your child about who is in their family. Make connections between words used in your home language for the terms grandparents, aunties uncles and cousins.


 1P Olivia Cheung

1G Brooklyn Tan

1L Alia Shivnani


                                                                                    Library Borrowing

Mrs Lowe, our librarian, is so pleased with how quickly the children are learning the routines of the library.  It is wonderful to see how enthusiastic many of the children are about reading. Sadly, we have had several books returned to school which have been written or drawn in.  Please, can you check that the books are treated with respect and they are kept out of the reach of younger brothers and sisters so that there is no danger of anyone adding their own pictures.  We also ask that you do not underline any words in the text.  Thank you for your help with this.