26 Aug 2019

Year 2 Update Week 3

Monday 9th September – CPD- School closed 

Friday 13th September – Mid-Autumn Festival Market

Thursday 26th September – Year 2 Theatre Trip

Thursday 26th September & Wednesday 2nd October – Parent Consultation evenings

Friday 18th October – PTA Bowling night

A reminder that FMS starts next week. Thank you to all those parents who have kindly volunteered their time to help.


We have started individual reading assessments. Please note that due to the nature of these individual assessments, these take some time and we will update you on your child’s reading level during the parent consultation evenings.


Please ensure that your child has a BHS sun hat everyday. They will also need a water bottle. As it is quite hot, it would be useful for your child to bring in a small towel to wipe themselves down after break times. All items brought to school must be named.

Uniform Online Ordering System 

Uniform orders will now be made online and no longer be purchased directly from PTA office.  

Payment by cheque (place in tray at reception).  

Once cheque is received, the order will be processed and sent direct to classrooms, including the link for ordering:


PE kit Library Bag
2F Monday, Tuesday, Friday Wednesday
2K Monday, Tuesday, Thursday Friday
2W Tuesday, Thursday, Friday Friday


Thank you for coming to our ‘Meet the Teacher’ evening on Wednesday. It was lovely to meet so many of you.

This week in Year 2 the children have been further investigating place value. They have been making, partitioning and describing numbers.


In English, the children have been looking at what makes a sentence. They have explored how to improve their sentences using details, connectives and punctuation.The children have been using SCOOP to retell stories that they have read.

In our UOI, the children have been finding out about connections that they can make with their classmates. They have also been looking at different well being strategies.

In 2K, the children collected their rubbish for a day. We were interested in seeing what we throw away in the bin. We made a graph to organise what we collected.

After sorting out our rubbish, the children thought of some ways we could have less waste each day. We realised that we used a lot of tissues everyday.



People’s choices impact the environment

Lines of inquiry:

  • How everyday choices can impact the environment (causation)
  • How what happens to materials when we are done with them (function)
  • Possible actions that we can take (responsibility)

The children will be inquiring into the things people throw away and whether something else can be done with our waste. The children will also have a visit from Plastic Free Seas who will talk to them about the problem of plastic in our oceans.


Year long unit or inquiry

Central idea: Our experiences affect our wellbeing

Lines of inquiry:

  • People respond differently to experiences(perspectives)
  • Our thoughts affect our feelings and actions (causation)
  • Ways we can take responsibility for our wellbeing (responsibility)

The children will continue to revisit the 5 ways to wellbeing that BHS follows: Connect, Be Active, Take Notice, Give, Keep Learning.

CENTRAL IDEA: We represent numbers and number relationships using the place value system


An inquiry into:

  • Ways to represent numbers
  • How we count numbers
  • The Base ten place value system

The children will be focusing on recognising, modelling, reading, writing and ordering three digit numbers. They will use a variety of manipulatives to help them. The children will be using mathematical language such as greater than and less than to compare numbers. They will also be ordering numbers.


The children will thinking more about what it means to be a writer and the different purposes for writing. Ms Jeves is coming into the classes to support the children with their writing. She will be responding to the needs of the class when teaching these writing lessons. She is helping to develop a culture of writers. They will be reading across a range of text types and will be trying to identify the text type they have written.


Comprehension Strategy: Self-Monitoring and Summarising & Synthesising

The children will be focusing on the comprehension strategy of self-monitoring. They will be learning about how to make good choices when choosing their books. They will also be summarising stories that they read using SCOOP. Ask your child what this stands for.

2F – Ain Kim
2K – Ellie Wong
2W – Luka Miller
Home Reading
Well done to the children who have brought in the home reading journal each day this week. Thank you to the parents who have been signing the home reading journal. In Year 2 the children will read from Big Universe on Tuesdays and Thursdays. They can choose from K to Grade 2 as this is equivalent to the reading ages of the children in Year 2. You will also need to select the language as English.
Please read at home with your child each day and sign their Reading Journal. Please encourage your child to write the date and title in their Reading Journal.