10 Sep 2019

Year 2 Update Week 5

Thursday 26th September – Year 2 Theatre Trip: Peter Rabbit (please complete the eNotice).

Thursday 26th September & Wednesday 2nd October – Parent Consultation evenings

Monday 30th September – Continuous Professional Development Day : school closed

Tuesday 1st October – Public Holiday : school closed

Monday 7th – Friday 11th October – Half Term : school closed

Friday 18th October – PTA Bowling night

Friday 25th October – Continuous Professional Development Day : school closed


We have started individual reading assessments. Please note that due to the nature of these individual assessments, these take some time and we will update you on your child’s reading level during the parent consultation evenings.


We have noticed that some of the children are having difficulty remembering to bring their library book bags on their library days. Please make sure that you and any other care-givers responsible for helping your child get ready for the day, know when their library days are and bring their bags and books on the appropriate day as per below. There are so many amazing books in the library, we don’t want anyone to miss out!


Please ensure that your child has a BHS sun hat everyday. They will also need a water bottle. As it is quite hot, it would be useful for your child to bring in a small towel to wipe themselves down after break times. All items brought to school must be named.

Uniform Online Ordering System 

Uniform orders will now be made online and no longer be purchased directly from PTA office.  

Payment by cheque (place in tray at reception).  

Once cheque is received, the order will be processed and sent direct to classrooms, including the link for ordering:


PE kit Library Bag
2F Monday, Tuesday, Friday Wednesday
2K Monday, Tuesday, Thursday Friday
2W Tuesday, Thursday, Friday Friday


The school’s PTA are looking for new members. Being a member is a great opportunity to get involved with different aspects of school life and help build connections across the school community.

Please contact Mrs Pickering if you would like to get involved.



Seed Sowing

The children had a fabulous time sowing seeds with Mr Melsom. They learned about what seeds need to grow and be healthy.


Diversity Day

The Diversity house captains led an assembly about what diversity means at BHS and how we are all unique. They shared a book ‘We’re all wonders’.

Mid-Autumn Festival Market

The children had a wonderful time buying lanterns, fruit and mooncakes from our market. They all tried very hard to use their Mandarin language skills.


The children have been developing their writing by focusing on what writers do, such as:

  • Re-reading their writing and developing their ideas.
  • Making sure their writing makes sense.
  • Using interesting words.

They worked collaboratively to produce some creative writing.

During reading sessions the children have been looking into different reading strategies to help them read words they are unfamilliar with.



In Maths, the children have been comparing 2 and 3 digit numbers using the language of greater than and less than. They have been skip counting in 2s, 5s, and 10s and some have begun to make 10 more and 10 less of a number. In addition to this, they have been consolidating their understanding of 2 and 3 digit numbers by continuing to use maths manipulatives in a variety of fun and creative ways.





People’s choices impact the environment

Lines of inquiry:

  • How everyday choices can impact the environment (causation)
  • How what happens to materials when we are done with them (function)
  • Possible actions that we can take (responsibility)

The children will continue to explore what happens when we throw things away. They will be inquiring into what we can be done with this waste and whether there is a way to reduce it. They will have the opportunity to explore, ask questions, compare wonderings and discuss ways of finding out more information.

The children will be looking at the patterns and textures of natural materials and creating art with it.


Year long unit or inquiry

Central idea: Our experiences affect our wellbeing

Lines of inquiry:

  • People respond differently to experiences(perspectives)
  • Our thoughts affect our feelings and actions (causation)
  • Ways we can take responsibility for our wellbeing (responsibility)

The children will be continuing to look at the 5 ways to well being.

CENTRAL IDEA: We represent numbers and number relationships using the place value system


An inquiry into:

  • Ways to represent numbers
  • How we count numbers
  • The Base ten place value system

The children will be continuing to compare 2 and 3 digit numbers using the language of greater than and less than. They will be skip counting in 2s, 5s, and 10s and make 10 more and 10 less of a number. In addition to this, they will consolidate their understanding of 2 and 3 digit numbers by continuing to use maths manipulatives in a variety of fun and creative ways. They will consolidate all their learning from this unit and apply this understanding in mathematical challenges.


The children will thinking more about what it means to be a writer and the different purposes for writing. Ms Jeves is coming into the classes to support the children with their writing. She will be responding to the needs of the class when teaching these writing lessons. She is helping to develop a culture of writers. They will be looking into creating goals for their writing. Please ask your child how they would like to improve their writing.

Comprehension Strategy: Self-Monitoring and Summarising & Synthesising

The children will be focusing on drawing on their understanding of the two comprehension strategies to make sense of their reading.

There was no Golden Book assembly this week.
Home Sentence Writing Book
The children will be bring home a sentence writing book today. There are 5 words inside which the children will need to practise writing. They then need to think of a sentence for that word and write it in the book. The children need to think carefully about their handwriting.
This is due back on Wednesday.
Home Reading
Well done to the children who have brought in the home reading journal each day this week. Thank you to the parents who have been signing the home reading journal. In Year 2 the children will read from Big Universe on Tuesdays and Thursdays. They can choose from K to Grade 2 as this is equivalent to the reading ages of the children in Year 2. You will also need to select the language as English.
Please read at home with your child each day and sign their Reading Journal. Please encourage your child to write the date and title in their Reading Journal. 

Student Council Five Ways to Well Being Competition

If you are interested in designing the BHS logos for our 5 Ways to Well Being please hand in your designs by Friday 13th to Mr. Thompson

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