8 Jun 2018

Year 3 Update Wk 33

  • Monday 18th June – Public Holiday
  • Tuesday 19th June – Year 3 bake sale
  • Monday 25th June – End of Year Reports to parents
  • Friday 29th June – End of Term 3. School finishes at 12pm.




The children loved their trip to Dream Come True where they were able to participate in a range of different occupations. They have now reflected on the trip and looked at how they worked towards a shared goal in each of their occupations. They thought about the skills and behaviours that were displayed throughout the day. The children also reflected on themselves and thought about personal targets when collaborating. Ask your child about some of the occupations they got to experience and what their shared goal was. 

In Inquiry this week the children have worked with Ms Jeves to create a mobile which showed their strengths. The children were asked to break down the task into smaller steps and delegate jobs within their group. 3S and 3F  practised the skill of being able to share their ideas with a group using thinking and talking tokens, 3A will do this with Ms Jeves next week. The children have also been looking at their emotions and feelings and creating some artwork to show emotions they have felt over the last week. The classes have all continued to enjoy their weekly circle time where they are practising their listening and speaking skills. Some classes have also worked with Mr Thompson looking at the behaviours his daughters displayed when playing a game connected to the zones of regulation.  
In Maths this week the children have reviewed data handling and using this knowledge to create their own bar graphs, pictograms, Venn diagrams and tally charts. They used the data collected to analyse and draw simple conclusions. They have also looked at how students can describe direction using vocabulary like whole turn, half turn, quarter turn, clockwise and anti-clockwise.
In English this week the children have continued to look at the text type exposition with the purpose of writing to persuade. The children have started to use arguments and looked at how to organise these into a framework. They have been focussing on expanding on these ideas and have been trying to use connectors to help them write complex sentences. The children have been asked to think about explaining their argument with reasons and examples. They have also continued at looking to make connections, they are now putting into practise being able to make links between the text and what they already know. They will be looking at text-to-self, text-to-text and text-to-world connections. 

By working together people can achieve more. 

We will be inquiring into:

  1. Shared goals in group situations  (connection)
  2. Skills and behaviour that support collaboration (responsibility)
  3. Impact of their behaviour on a shared goal (reflection)

This coming week the children will be doing a second playground observation during Y4-6 playtime and reflecting on the behaviours they saw the first observation. Year 3 classes will continue with their circle time sessions which is contributing to the enhancement of their self-esteem and creating a positive school ethos.  The children will be embarking on another shared goal in a group situation, this time in the form of a collaborative art piece. The children will use their skills from last week with Ms Jeves and will break the bigger task down into smaller parts to help maintain their attention. 

Image result for angles posterAngles
We will be learning to identify angles as measures of turn and compare angle sizes in everyday situations
Image result for probability posterProbability
We will be learning to describe likelihood of activities and events using appropriate vocabulary for example ‘likely’, ‘unlikely’, ‘certain’, ‘impossible’.
We will be learning to identify and describe possible outcomes and recognise variation in results of chance experiments.
This coming week the children will be learning about different types of angles and finding out some new vocabulary. They will be looking at comparing angles in everyday situations by identifying angles in the classroom and around the school. The children will then look at probability and using new vocabulary to help them discuss the likelihood something will happen. 

 Mathletics passwords are in your child’s diary. Please make sure that an adult supports your child when working through the activities.     

Over the next few weeks we will continue to look at the comprehension strategy making connections. The children will make links between the text and what they already know. They will be looking at text-to-self, text-to-text and text-to-world connections. 

Year 3 will read books from Big Universe on a Monday and Friday.
They will borrow home readers on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. 

3S – Carlson Lam


Information Literacy- Jessie Ho

The next two themes will be SUMMER and SLIME. This will be their last home learning of Year 3. 
Students were told the next two themes for their Home Learning. Please encourage your child to choose the theme that interests them. They can decide to use one of the ideas listed or choose their own. We look forward in seeing all the home learning on Wednesday 20th June.
Image result for spelling clip art
 Please make sure that they spend time at the weekend learning their five individualised words. In the back of their Spelling Journal is a list of words for the Unit. Students can learn these if they wish to challenge themselves. You could also use these words to discuss their meaning and put them into sentences together. 
Mandarin – All children are encouraged to take a reading book home on the days when they have Mandarin lessons.
Ms Lynn – Please read this week’s assigned book in Mandarin Matrix。
Ms Xu: 完成Google Classroom功课。 记得借书读书。

Student Council Fruity Friday
Please don’t forget to continue to support Fruity Friday. Make sure your child has delicious and healthy snacks each Friday. Thank you to the parents who have been remembering about Fruity Fridays.