8 Jun 2018

Year 4 Update – Wk 33

Wednesday 13th, 20th, 27th June – Year 4 Swimming (see below for more information)

Monday 25th June – End of year reports available (via Gateway)

Friday 29th June – Term 3 ends at 12pm

Wednesday 15th August – First day back


Year 4 swimming lessons should have begun on Wednesday 6th June, but will hopefully continue uninterrupted every Wednesday until the end of term.

Class Depart BHS Return BHS
4L 8:40 10:45
4F 9:30 11:45
4W 10:30 12:45
Please note that 4L will be leaving at 8:30a.m. As such, 4L children MUST wear a swimsuit under their PE kit (no bikinis for girls, please). 4L children must remember to bring their underwear.
ALL Year 4 Children Must Bring
  • swimming cap (a requirement of the pool)
  • goggles
  • towel
  • flip flops or croc-style shoes to wear in the swimming pool area
  • $5 coin for the locker
B.H.S. Hats 
The Year 4 teachers have noticed that many of the children are coming to school without their caps. With the very hot weather warnings and strong sun, hats are a MUST!
Students are not able to participate in P.E. lessons or make full use of the playground if they are not wearing a hat. Please make sure that if your child has a hat and if not, buy a replacement from the P.T.A. office. Don’t forget to add your child’s name!
Ukuleles have been returned to Mr. Gibson by most children. If your child has not done so yet, please send the ukulele into school a.s.a.p.
Y4 Teacher Contact Information
4F – Mrs Fennelly – charlotte.fennelly@bhs.edu.hk 
4L – Miss Fisher – laura.fisher@bhs.edu.hk
4W – Miss Wu – jane.wu@bhs.edu.hk
Year 4 Learning Support Teacher – Ms Mak – haymen.mak@bhs.edu.hk
Vice Principal – Mr Thompson – andy.thompson@bhs.edu.hk


Had you been passing by BHS this week, you would be forgiven for thinking that Mr. Harrison had turned the Year 4 classrooms into bag factories! The children are working incredibly hard to design, pattern-cut, pin and sew together our bags so that they are ready to accommodate our micro:bit technology. Here are some of the parts of the process the students have been going through this week…

Disassembling our paper prototype bags…

Using the paper pieces as a pattern…

Cutting out the pieces…

Sewing the pieces of fabric together correctly (according to our pattern) in order to begin making our bags…

Image result for brain creative

How We Express Ourselves

Central Idea

Technology Changes and Challenges the way we Express Ourselves

Lines of Inquiry

An inquiry into…

  • Creativity through technology (function)
  • The growth of technology and its impacts (change)
  • Using technology responsibly (responsibility)

Next week, students will continue to work with Mr Lowe on their micro:bit technology and continue to sew together their bags so that they are ready to accommodate our micro:bit technology in order to become “Bags of the Future!”

Students will also continue to learn about ways to use technology responsibly through their Digital Passport accounts.

 Image result for progress check png

For the next few weeks, students will be reviewing the various mathematical concepts covered throughout Year 4. This will be a good opportunity for students to reflect on their understanding and identify areas they would like to work on in order to prepare for the next year ahead.

Image result for paparazzi png
Next week, the children will hopefully post the letter they have written to a famous person of their choice. We will begin to think about email etiquette and have a go at sending some emails to other people in the BHS community.
Comprehension Strategy: Review
For the next few weeks, students will be given time to read and record their thinking using any of the reading strategies they have learn throughout Year 4. This will be a good opportunity for the students to reflect on which reading strategy they are confident in and which they are not. Mini-lessons will be held to help fill in the gaps.

Congratulations to this week’s Golden Book winners!
4F – Ethan Lo
4L – Alicia Cheung
4W – Garrett Cheung & Tianne Leung
OPTIONAL Year 4 Home Learning – 8th June 2018
  • Now that we’ve taught you all for almost a whole year, we feel as though we know you pretty well. but do we…?
  • Do you have an amazing talent that you could share with us?
  • It could be anything (that is appropriate for Year 4 students, of course!)… swimming, painting, yoga, spelling, singing, playing a musical instrument, gymnastics, soccer, meditation, dancing, telling joke, sketching, making movies, calligraphy, coding, writing, cricket, ice-skating, acting… the list goes on and on.
  • Decide how you will share your talent… video, photos, live performance, poster, presentation, artwork, etc.

We can’t wait for you to reveal your talent!

Due date: Now until 28th June 



The children have a list of words they need to learn. They should practise these at home in preparation for “buddy spelling tests” (the children testing each other) in class next week.
The children have been given their Home Reading Journals and are expected to read for 20 minutes per day at their given comprehension age. Children will record the title of their book in their journal. Please discuss your child’s reading and leave a comment in the journal so that they can change their book.
To support their reading development, please make sure of the following:
  • Home reading should be fun not a chore.
  • Keep the timing short, find a comfy, quiet space and have a chat about what your child is reading. This really helps to develop their comprehension skills.
  • There is information about comprehension at the beginning of the journal, which you can use to help guide your discussion with your child. Please also refer to information your class teacher has sent out to you about how to help your child at home. 

All children should aim to spend 30 minutes per week completing their assigned Mathletics tasks and/or practising their times tables.

Mandarin (All children are encouraged to take a reading book home on the days when they have Mandarin lessons.)

Ms Lynn (Home learning) – Please check your google classroom for details.

Ms Xu – 记得借书读书,写读书报告,完成课堂未完成的功课。完成google classroom 未完成的功课。