3 Jun 2019

Year 4 – Week 36

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Tuesday 17th Y4 Swimming

Wednesday 24th Y4 Swimming

Monday 24th School Reports released on Gateway

Wednesday 26th Year 6 Production

Living and Growing

Dear Parents 

These are some follow up questions you might like to work through with your children after watching the puberty video this week

  • How do the sperm and the egg meet?
  • Do women need to be married to become pregnant?
  • Do all women have to have babies?
  • Why do some women need to have surgery to give birth?
  • How do twin pregnancies happen?
  • How many eggs are there inside a female’s ovaries?
  • After a baby is born, where does the (umbilical) cord go?

Swimming Lessons

Year 4 swimming lessons will take place every Tuesday in June (weather permitting). Each class will have one hour at the Kowloon Tsai pool with professional swimming coaches working with differentiated groups. 

Tuesday Fingers crossed 

4F – 9-10am*

4A – 10-11am

4W – 11am-12pm

*Please note that if your child is in 4F their bus to the pool will leave at 8.40am so they will need to be in school very punctually on Tuesdays for the remainder of the term.

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Van Gogh

The students enjoyed an amazing trip to the Van Gogh Alive multi sensory exhibition in Kowloon Bay. They got to transcend time and space to see what inspired the famous artist as well as learn how to sketch like him and witness the full interactive experience of his artwork.  

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This week Beacon hill School was visited by British music trio Transition. A three piece band who have a sizeable following in Taiwan singing songs in Mandarin.

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This week we have continued investigating different digital tools that allow us to manipulate images and create individual pieces of digital art. We have also begun to look at different music apps that allow the students to create their own style of music.
This week we finished our unit on chance and probability. Students completed a survey which then then represented in various types of chart before analysing the data and making predictions.
This week we completed our unit on formal and informal letter writing. Over the next two weeks we will be revisiting the different text types the students have learnt over the course of Year 4. They will then be given a choice of writing on a subject of their choice using a text type of their choice.

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We have also been delving further into Digital Citizenship by undertaking more lessons from Common Sense Education – our focus this week has been about how what they post online affects their identity. They had a go at taking their own selfie then looking at each other’s selfies and thought about what assumptions can be made from just one picture. 

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Next Week



Over the course of the next two weeks, students will be revisiting the features and structure of the text types they have studied during Year 4. They will then be allowed to write about a topic of their choice using whichever of these text types they choose to.


Next week carrying out our end of term assessments and reviews. We will also be revisiting mathematical concepts previously visited in Year 4. We will focus on concepts that the students have found more difficult. we will be looking at mathematical concepts the children have found difficult.


Next week we will be looking at more digital software and how to combine them to create digital images. We will also be continuing the digital citizenship lessons.



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Central Idea:

Technology changes and challenges the way we express ourselves.

Lines of Inquiry:

  1. Digital tools for The Arts (Form)
  2. How to be respectful, responsible and aware of their online reputation (Responsibility)
  3. Creative expression through technology (Perspective)

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Next week the students will continue to use more digital tools that change and challenge the way we express ourselves. They will be looking using Soundtrap to help them make music online by recording and using loops. 



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Central Idea:

Probability is based on chance and can be expressed in different ways

Lines of Inquiry:

  • Data from probability and how it can be collected, organized, displayed and analysed in different ways.
  • Different graph forms that highlight different aspects of probability data more efficiently.

Next week we will continue to inquire into probability through a range of practical investigations. We will be learning about the likelihood of events happening using appropriate mathematical vocabulary. We will also be beginning to think about familiar events and consider whether they are dependent or independent of one another.

Please continue to help your children to practise their multiplication tables at home. Click the image below to access some online games that might support this….

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Writing to inform: writing to socialise (letter writing and writing skills). The children will be learning to adapt their writing style for the appropriate platform and audience. 

Next week the students will be thinking about a famous person to whom they could write a more formal letter. Some classes will look at postcards and have a go at creating their own postcard. 

Reading Focus: REVISION of all 7 comprehension strategies

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                                          4A– Kiri Toraiwa

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4W-Aiden LaihomelearningSpelling

The students have 8 spellings each week that they will need to practise at home. They will have 3 spelling tests each week to make sure they know how to spell their words correctly on a consistent basis.
Students should read everyday and talk to an adult about the text they have selected. This can be a chance for them to practise their comprehension strategies
  • Mon, Weds, Fri – borrow a BHS home reading book
  • Tues, Thurs – read a book online from Big Universe

All children should aim to spend 30 minutes per week completing their assigned Mathletics tasks and/or practising their times tables.


All children are encouraged to take a reading book home on the days when they have Mandarin lessons.

  • Ms Lynn – Please complete home learning assigned in Mandarin Matrix.