17 Jun 2019

Year 4 Update Week 38

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Monday 24th June – Return all portfolios to school

Monday 24th June – School Reports released on Gateway

Tuesday 25th June – Year 4 swimming (fingers crossed!)

Wednesday 26th June – Year 6 Production

Friday 28th June12pm END OF TERM 3

Tuesday 13th August – 8.45am TERM 1 2019-20 begins!

Thank you!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support over the past year. We have thoroughly enjoyed working with your children over the past year and wish them all the very best for Year 5. We wish you and your families a safe and happy summer!

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We cannot emphasise enough just how important it is to read TO your child. This is one of the BEST things you can do to improve their reading comprehension. Here is a summary from a research project commissioned by the Australian government, “Reading to Young Children: A Head-Start in Life” (Click on the image to read the complete findings)

So the summer holiday homework for parents is to enjoy reading some quality fiction to your child! If you would like some suggestions for suitable texts, this is a useful resource…

Great books to read TO Year 4 students


We hope you have enjoyed looking through your child’s portfolios over the past few days. Please ensure all portfolios are returned to school by Monday 24th June.

This allows us to hand them on to your child’s Year 5 teacher next week. All Year 4 portfolios will be returned to students permanently in August 2019.

Reading books

Please note that as we need to undertake our end of year home reading book stocktake, we will not be sending books home next week. However, your child should still be reading – books of their own or those that they access via their Big Universe account. (*Please note Big Universe website may not be accessible this weekend as they will undertaking site maintenance).

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Hot weather

Please ensure over the coming week that your child has a hat in school as it has been really hot and sunny and the children cannot play on outside playground without one.

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Finally, two-thirds of our group managed to have their first swimming lesson this week! 4A and 4W had a fantastic time at the pool. We are all crossing our fingers that swimming can go ahead next week, but, of course, as always, we are at the mercy of the Hong Kong weather! Fingers crossed!

Here are some photos…

… not forgetting 4F who were very disappointed not to make it to the pool this week!


The students have been learning about the assumptions people might make about them based on the selfies they send or post online and considering what message we want to convey and the best ways to do so.

They have also been busy creating more digital art using a range of tools including; Kleki, Pixlr Editor, LunaPic and myoats.com. Here is some of 4F’s handiwork…

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We have all been working hard to complete our end of year Maths assessments. We have been really impressed by the students’ commitment and knowledge, well done everyone!



Self-chosen writing projects have proved to be very popular with the students and there has been an impressive array of different text types which displayed great creativity. We have had graphic novels, modern fairytales, adventure stories, newspapers, diaries, how to guides, biographies, just to name a few! Keep up the great writing everyone!

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Central Idea:

Technology changes and challenges the way we express ourselves.

Lines of Inquiry:

  1. Digital tools for The Arts (Form)
  2. How to be respectful, responsible and aware of their online reputation (Responsibility)
  3. Creative expression through technology (Perspective)

Next week, students will explore further digital tools for the Arts, be putting the finishing touches to digital artwork that they have created in order to express themselves and adding it to their online Art Gallery.

We will be completing the digital citizenship lessons and reflecting on how these lessons have impacted on our online usage and presence in the future.

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Next week, we will continue to revise mathematical concepts that the students have found more challenging this year. They will also have the opportunity to undertake some investigative maths of their own choice.

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The children have thoroughly enjoyed undertaking their own writing projects so we will continue allowing them the freedom to explore their own passion for writing next week.

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4A – Jessie Ho

4F – Saadat Sattar

4W – Kirsten WonghomelearningMandarin

All children are encouraged to take a reading book home on the days when they have Mandarin lessons.

  • Ms Lynn – Please complete home learning assigned in Mandarin Matrix.