29 Nov 2019

Year 4 Update Week 15

Friday 6th December – PTA Christmas Disco 3pm – 4.45pm

Tuesday 10th December – Year 4 Christmas parties!

Wednesday 11th December – BHS Christmas Concert 7pm

Thursday 12th December – Year 5 Big Business Christmas Market (see below for more info)

Friday 13th December – last day of school for Term 1.…finish at 12pm

Year 5 Christmas Market – Thursday 12th December
As part of their inquiry into marketplaces, the Year 5 students will be hosting a Christmas Market for the school on Thursday 12th December in the school hall. They will be selling handmade Christmas craft and Christmas-themed food and drink items.
Students are invited to bring along $80-100 to shop. We also encourage them to attend the market with a reusable shopping bag and an empty snack container for any food items they may purchase.
All profits from the day will go to support ImpactHK. This is a local charity that supports the homeless community with kindness and empowering them for change. Children from Beacon Hill have supported ImpactHK in the past through kindness walks and donations from one of the House Days. Please visit the link below to find out more about ImpactHK:
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Learning Centre – We still have children forgetting their library books and book bags, please help your child to remember their things on the correct day.
4A – Tuesday
4F – Thursday
4J – Wednesday
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P.E. days
4A – Monday & Thursday
4F – Monday & Wednesday
4J – Wednesday & Thursday

Hong Kong Forest Adventures

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The Year 4 students thoroughly enjoyed their excursions this week. HK Forest Adventures provides so many different opportunities to explore and discover things that we would never be able to experience in a traditional school setting. Highlights for the children were building and “sailing” on their bamboo raft, then (accidentally on purpose!) falling into the water! Other activities included building their own large-scale play equipment (playgrounds, marble runs, football goals) and rock scrambling, fishing and mastering the rope course!


This trip is only possible thanks to the large number of parent volunteers who accompany us, so we just wanted to say a huge thank you to those of you who joined us.

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We began thinking about our new writing focus (small moment writing – see below for further info). We read Roller Coaster by Marla Frazee and had a go at writing about one small moment from our weekend, instead of weekend news/recount.

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This week, the students have been learning about how bar models can support our work with multiplication and division. We have also been solving word problems and using these visual representations to show our thinking.

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We have been delving deeper into our latest U.O.I. by reading and discussing some influential people who have undertaken explorations and/or made discoveries that have changed the world. We have accessed a range of media sources and the students have enjoyed sharing their prior knowledge and building a greater understanding of some important people from history and the present time.

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Transdipinary Theme: Where we are in place and time

Central Idea: Change in our world can happen through exploration and discovery.

Lines of Inquiry:

An inquiry into…

  • a range of explorers and discoveries (form)
  • explorations and discoveries that have changed our world (change)

Next week, the children will be beginning to zoom in on an influential person of their own choosing. This will form the basis for the research and personal inquiry that they will be undertaking over the next couple of weeks. Talk to your child at home about who they may decide to choose to focus on and why.

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Central Idea: The operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division are related to each other and are used to solve problems.

Lines of Inquiry:

An inquiry into:

  1. The different ways to model/show multiplication and division
  2. Mental strategies that can be used to solve multiplication and division
  3. Written strategies that can be used to solve multiplication and division

Here are some questions we will be exploring throughout this UOI, maybe some of them you could discuss at home whilst you are monitoring your child with their Mathletics or Podigiy Home Learning.

  • What are the different ways I can model multiplication and division?
  • How can I model the relationship between multiplication and division?
  • How can arrays show connections between multiplication and division?
  • How is area related to multiplication?
  • How can we use multiplication to help us divide?
  • How can we use place value to multiply?
  • What are the patterns when multiplying by 10, 100, 1000?
  • What are the patterns when dividing by 10, 100, 1000?
  • How do I do short multiplication?
  • When should I use short multiplication?
  • How do I do short division?
  • Why do we use short division?
  • What are the rules of divisibility?
  • How do the rules of divisibility help me know if a number has a reminder?
  • What is a remainder?
  • What are the different ways I can record remainders?
  • How does estimation help me check my answers?

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Writing – Focusing on SMALL MOMENTS

Great writers can zoom in one small moment and use their 5 senses to help them describe this small event in detail using lots of “juicy words” (interesting vocabulary). We will be continuing to read texts with great examples of this technique and brainstorming ideas to help us create excellent writing of our own. This build on well from the work we did earlier in the term with Ms Jeves.

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Reading – Summarising and Synthesising

We will be developing this comprehension strategy by taking notes whilst undertaking research into an influential person. We will also be analysing some visual texts (Christmas adverts!) and recording how our thinking changes as a text progresses.

Throughout the year we will focus on all of the comprehension strategies to help with our understanding, fluency, and comprehension.

Since the last Weekly Update, the following Year 4 students have received Golden Book certificates, congratulations!


Miles Lo

Hailey Yuen

Adam Wu

Yan Yu Yip

Charlotte Ma

Hill Liu

Virginia Lu

Cedric Wong

Shogo Nishida


Charlotte Lee

Amartya Agarwal

Amira Mahtani

Julia She

Avery Wu

Hayley Gan

Alistair Cheuk

Anaya Balani

King Wan


Nathan Ng

Lucas Lau

Yi Kai Tan

Yik Wa Ho

Diven Soneji

Darsh Goyani


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Maths – please continue to work on the Mathletics tasks that your teacher has set for you. Your child has also ben enrolled in an online Maths programme called Prodigy game that we are also able to monitor, you can also create a parent account

Practising and reviewing quick recall of your number facts is important!  There is a great online program called Hit the Button which can help you to do this.

Prodigy – all 3 classes can continue their Prodigy maths gaming at home too!

Reading – please continue reading nightly together and signing your child’s diary.  A comment every week would be a nice touch too.  There are also questions in the front of the reading diaries that you could ask your child to help them with their comprehension. Don’t forget the importance of reading TO your child also. 

Spelling –  please continue to learn your personal words at home ready for our buddy test on Friday.

Mandarin –