10 Sep 2019

Year 4 Update Week 5

Thursday 26th September – Parent/Teacher Consultations

Monday 30th September – BHS staff training day…school closed

Tuesday 1st October – Public Holiday…school closed

Wednesday 2nd October – Parent/Teacher Consultations

Friday 4th October – last day of half term….have a great break!

Wednesday 16th October – Camp Information Evening 7pm….. in the school hall

Friday 18th October – PTA Bowling event

Tuesday 22nd October – PTA Bake Sale….please bring in some coins and a reusable container to buy some baked goodies to support our PTA

Friday 25th October – BHS staff training….school closed

Tuesday 29th & 30th October – School photos

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Mid-Autumn Festival

We would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your families a very enjoyable and happy Mid-Autumn Festival,


PTA – Our PTA is looking for new parent members!  If you are intersted please contact Ms Haymen Mak one of our teacher representatives on haymen.mak@bhs.edu.hk
Learning Centre – We still have children forgetting their library books and book bags, please help your child to remember their things on the correct day.
4A – Tuesday
4F – Thursday
4J – Tuesday
P.E. days
4A – Monday and Thursday
4F – Monday and Wednesday
4J – Wednesday and Friday

Well, it may only have been a four day week for the students, but we have certainly managed to squeeze in a huge amount!


We have continued to work with Ms Jeves on making fantastic word choices and our hard work is really paying off! We have been looking at “The Magic Box” and identifying the framework that the poet uses in order to help us write our own incredible poetry.

Here are some fantastic lines of poetry that some students from 4F are feeling (justifiably) proud of…

My secret is made of the sound of the colourful birds’ melody.


My secret is made of the deafening tremble of a terrifying giant’s footsteps.

Hoi Fung

My secret is made of the terrifying blood oozing from a vampire’s eyeball.


My secret is made of the sweet scent from roses and daisies as it slowly approaches your nose, like a warm gingerbread man just removed from the oven.


My secret is made of the mouldy blue cheese in the corner of a broken fridge.


I found it in the bright green grass next to the rushing ripples of the river.


I found it shining brightly in the clutches of an amethyst, kept safe in a blossom, held inside a jar.


I found it in the increasingly fluffy, white, glistening, round snowballs.


If I lost this secret the universe will slowly vanish into the thinnest air.



This week we began work on measurement, with a focus on length. The children have had lots of opportunities for practical measuring using rulers, metre sticks and tape measures. We have also had a go at making sensible estimates of length, learnt about the relationship between mm and cm, investigated why some lengths have a decimal point and what it means and solved some measurement word problems, too!

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This week we began our second unit of Year 4. We are thinking about how humans impact on the habitats of other living things and have been unpacking what this means. We have done some reading and sharing about different world habitats and considered what we already know and what we might like to learn more about.

A very exciting element of this unit is that we will be working alongside Mr Lowe (developing our “making’ skills) and Ms. Cassie (ceramics) for six weeks, which started this week. 

In the Cloud, Mr Lowe is helping us to develop our use of tools and design and building skills and we are creating models with moving parts using traditional technology (no electronics allowed!).

In the Art room, we are working in groups of five, to produce a large-scale animal sculpture over the next few weeks. This is allowing us to develop our clay manipulation skills and make very careful observations of animals in order to create our 3D models.

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Transdipinary Theme: Sharing the Planet

Central Idea: People’s behaviour impacts on the habitats of other living things.

Lines of Inquiry:

An inquiry into…

  • different types of livings things (Form)
  • what living things need to survive (Connection)
  • human responsibility to the survival of living things (Responsibility)

Next week, we will be continuing our work with Ms Cassie and Mr Lowe. We will also be delving deeper into habitats by undertaking more reading and research. We will be finding out what makes habitats unique and which living things live there and why!

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Central Idea: The metric system for measuring connects with our base 10 place value system

Lines of Inquiry: 

An inquiry into…

  • The selection and correct use of standard units
  • Solving real-life situations involving length, area and perimeter

We will be focusing on area and perimeter next week.

  •     Estimate, construct, measure, label and compare perimeter and area of objects using standard units: cm & cm² by counting squares.
  •     Show that a unit of area can be cut and rearranged and still be the same unit.

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Next week, we will be putting the finishing touches to our Magic Box poems by thinking carefully about Revising and editing to really improve our work. A friend will also be giving us feedback on our work to help us make even better word choices!

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Reading – we will be focussing on the comprehension strategy of Visualising throughout this UOI.  Good readers construct mental images as they read a text. By using prior knowledge and background experiences, readers connect the author’s writing with a personal picture. Through guided visualisation, students learn how to create mental pictures as they read. 

Throughout the year we will focus on all of the comprehension strategies to help with our understanding, fluency and comprehension.

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Maths – please continue to work on the Mathletics tasks that your teacher has set for you.  These could be to consolidate the Place Value work we have been doing in class or to revise the concepts or topics from Year 3 or they may even be concepts to pre-assess our next maths UOI.

Practicing and reviewing quick recall of your number facts is important!  There is a great online program called Hit the Button which can help you to do this.


Prodigy – all 3 classes can continue their Prodigy maths gaming at home too!

Reading – please continue reading nightly together and signing your child’s diary.  A comment every week would be a nice touch too.  There are also questions in the front of the reading diaries that you could ask your child to help them with their comprehension. Don’t forget the importance of reading TO your child also. The teachers are busy assessing your children’s reading age and your child may come home in the next few weeks with a new reading colour band.

Spelling –  please continue to learn your personal words at home ready for our buddy test on Friday.

Mandarin – 


Growth Mindset – we are trying to cultivate a growth mindset in our students here in BHS.  To find out a little more please take a look…..