16 Nov 2018

Year 5 Update Week 12

Tuesday 27th November – Mandarin Parent/Teacher Consultations….Gateway bookings are now closed.  Contact your child’s Mandarin teacher to make a booking if you haven’t done so already

Thursday 6th December – PTA Christmas Disco Year 4-6

Wednesday 12th December – Christmas Concert 7pm

Friday 14th December – last day before Christmas break….12pm finish

Parents, you will be able to see photos on our Y5 facebook page facebook.com/BHSYear5Camp. We can’t promise to include pictures of every child, but we will do our best to give as wide a presentation as possible.

5D – Monday and Friday

5F – Wednesday and Thursday

5C – Wednesday and Friday

Number Maths – Fractions Decimals and Percentages

Strand Maths –  Measure : Angles and Time

English (Writing)

English (Reading) 

Transdisiplinary Theme  – Where We Are In Place and Time

Central Idea –

An inquiry into…
Concepts :
Related Concepts :
Learner Profile :
Attitudes :

Number Maths – Fractions, Decimals ad Percentages
Central Idea –

An inquiry into.

  • eff
Strand Maths – Measurement
Central Idea – Accuracy of measurements depends on the situation and the precision of the tool.

An inquiry into…

  • how tools and procedures can be used to measure accurately
  • how tools and procedures can be used to solve measurement problems
  • the connection between measurements and other units of maths (conversion)

Writing Focus – Narrative

For this unit of inquiry, our new writing focus will be

Reading Focus – Connecting and Inferring




5F Ethan Lo






  • Read the Weekly Update
  • Mathletics – continue with the set tasks or feel free to try any others that you feel you want to practice.
  • 5F & 5C  – please continue on with your Prodigy online games.
  • 5F – please continue to use Quizlet to help you learn your spelling words and meanings.
  • Spelling –  The children are sent home their 10 personal words that they need to learn for the week. The will happen on a Monday for 5F, Wednesday for 5D and Friday for 5C. Please, can a parent (or responsible adult) support the children by...testing them (written or oral), getting them to put their words into interesting sentences (written or oral), discussing the meanings of the words, thinking about synonyms and antonyms of that word, discussing words with a similar meaning etc.
  • Reading –  The children will be choosing levelled readers based on their own ability and are expected to read each night for at least 20mins at home with a parent.  The children need to record their reading in their Reading Journals and parents can you please sign your child’s journal each night? Journals need to be returned to school each morning to be checked and will come home each evening (except Friday).  Children may use Big Universe twice a week (only) as their choice of home reading
  • Mandarin Home Learning –