19 Sep 2019

Year 5 Update Week 6

We would love to have more parent volunteers for the PTA. If you are interested please email : haymen.mak@bhs.edu.hk.

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Central Idea

Migration has an impact on people and society.

Lines of Inquiry

  • The reasons why people migrate (causation)
  • The challenges and opportunities of migration (change)
  • The impact of migration on individuals and society (perspective)

We will begin to explore the different types of migration through investigation of different case studies as well as continuing to broaden our vocabulary knowledge.


Reading focus
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5H: Aiden Lai

5W: Nicole Cheng

5Y: Marcus Su

House Points


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5Y: complete your ‘working with someone new’ page in your mindful journal


  • Read the Weekly Update
  • Mathletics – continue with the set tasks
  • Spelling – each week the children are sent home their 10 personal words that they need to learn for the week.  Please, can a parent (or responsible adult) support the children by...testing them (written or oral), getting them to put their words into interesting sentences (written or oral), discussing the meanings of the words, thinking about synonyms and antonyms of that word, discussing words with a similar meaning etc. 
  • Reading – levelled home readers will be starting to come home soon.  The children will be choosing levelled readers based on their own ability and are expected to read each night for at least 20mins at home with a parent.  The children need to record their reading in their Reading Journals and parents can you please sign your child’s journal each night.  Journals need to be returned to school each morning to be checked and will come home each evening (except Friday).  Children may use Big Universe twice a week (only) as their choice of home reading.
  • Mandarin Home Learning– All children are encouraged to take a reading book home on the days when they have Mandarin lessons.



Thought of the week