26 Nov 2018

Year 6 Update Week 15


Thursday 6th December – PTA Christmas Disco

Friday 7th December – Well-being day

Wednesday 12th December – Christmas Concert

Thursday 13th December – Year 6 class parties

Friday 14th December – Last day of term and the Christmas holidays begin!

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Healthy Snacks
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Every day your child should bring a healthy snack. Please send your children in with a healthy snack that does not have any single-use packaging. 

Please take the time to look through the outward bound camp photos. There are some amazing images captured by Beacon Hill staff. 

Year 6 Camp – Facebook page


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Our Maker Unit

The children in Year 6 will be working closely with Mr Lowe during this unit to create something spectacular for our living museum day that will take place in the new year. This week we wetted our appetites with sample creations that we could make towards the end of the unit. 

2K Class Assembly – A reminder!

2K did an amazing job of reminding us how to be more environmentally friendly. We should be eating healthily and aiming to bring in zero single use items to school. Many children are still seen eating junk food during snack time. Year 6 students are meant to be setting the example to others at BHS. Stop bringing food with excess, single-use packaging and bring fruit or vegetables for snack every day to make a difference to the amount of waste we produce at this school.

Golden Book Certificates
6Y – Leticia Baines
6D – Aidan Hui
6H – Timothy Chan, Evans Wong

Transdisciplinary Theme: Where we are in place and time

Central Idea- Past civilisations can be used to make connections to present day societies

Lines of Inquiry  – We will inquire into…

  1. Characteristics of past civilisations and societies (form)
  2. Reliability and relevance of evidence (reflection)
  3. Connections between past discoveries and modern-day advances (connection)




Number Maths – Operations

Central Idea –We use the same rules for the computation of decimal fractions as for whole numbers.

How are the four rules related to each other?

In what ways can we record the rules for a pattern in addition and subtraction?



Strand Maths – Shape and Space

Central Idea – The properties of 3D shape

We will continue to inquire into nets and create some funky christmas decorations in the process.





Camp reflections

After such an amazing time on camp, the children have been taking time to reflect on the experience that they had.


We have read the story of Weslandia and are learning about what makes a civilisation. Tell your parents about the story and watch the youtube video to refresh your memory. What would your own civilisation be called? What would your plant look like?



Reading: Home readers
Personal spelling tests

Number Maths 

  • Miss Younie – Mathletics
  • Ms. Mak – Mathletics
  • Mr Hoskins – Mathletics / Prodigy
  • Mr Hubbard – Mathletics / Prodigy



All children are encouraged to take a reading book home on the days when they have Mandarin lessons.

Ms Lynn – Please complete home learning assigned in Mandarin Matrix.


 This week’s quote…

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