19 Aug 2019

Year 6 Update Week 2





 26th August – Presentation for House Captains to be completed

 28th August – Y6 trip to Science Museum


28th August – Cheese and Wine Welcome evening for new parents – 5:00pm

28th August – Stephen Loggie, Principal of Island School, Presenting to Year 6 Parents

28th August – Meet the Teacher Evening

30th August – House Captains Announced

9th September – CPD Day – Students not to attend school

13th September – Diversity House Day & Mid Autumn Festival

18th September – Camp Information Evening

23rd-27th September – ISA Assessment Week

26th September – Parent Consultation Evening

30th September – CPD Day – Students not to attend school

1st October – National Day Bank Holiday – No School

2nd October – Swimming Commences, continues every Wednesday in October.

4th October – Half Term Holiday – 3pm Finish

14th October – Term Starts again

18th October – Parent Teacher Bowling Evening

25th October – CPD Day – Students not to attend school

28th – 30th October – School Photos

4th – 8th November – Camp

29th November – Wellbeing Day

6th December – Y4-6 Disco

13th December – Term Ends – 12pm Finish


Science Museum Trip
Please complete the e-notice for our trip to the Science Museum next Wednesday morning. We are looking for parent helpers to support this excursion. If you are available to help please complete the relevant section on the enotice or contact your class teacher.
Science Experiments
Please could all students in Y6 bring in one empty small (500ml) plastic  bottle for our science experiments next week. We would like these in on Monday if possible.

Celebrating the Mid Autumn festival at BHS

The Mid-Autumn festival, also known as the Moon festival, is a popular holiday celebrated by many people at BHS. It is held on the 15th day of the eighth month of autumn.  

This year, the Mandarin department is working collaboratively with Mr Lowe and the PTA to provide our students with new and exciting opportunities for language acquisition as well as developing understanding and appreciation of Chinese culture.

The students in Year Six kicked off the celebrations with lantern-making this Thursday during double Mandarin sessions. Students were given choices to work with paper, wood or paint brush. Many of them thoroughly enjoyed the experience and are looking forward to carrying on with their work next week.

One of the activities planned for the following two weeks will be making and tasting delicious mooncakes. Students with food allergies will be instructed NOT to participate in the tasting activity to avoid any potential health issues unless parental permission is given in writing in the home school diary before Thursday August 29th.

The ingredients of the mooncakes are listed below for your information.

Flour, syrup, olive oil, salt, baking soda, red bean paste, green bean paste, lotus seed paste

Thank you for your support!

The Mandarin department

Presentation by Mr. Stephen Loggie, Principal of Island School
 On Wednesday, 28th August, from 5:45 – 6:30pm, just before our “Meet the Teacher” evening starts, Mr. Stephen Loggie, Principal of Island School will be presenting to prospective parents.  He will be covering the latest information on the rebuilding project as well as sharing some more information about Island School in general.  All Year 6 parents are welcome to attend, especially those of you who know it is likely that your child will be attending Island School from next year.

Equipment and stationery – most children have made a great start to the year and have brought the correct equipment. However, some students have not and it is essential that they bring all of the items listed on the letter that they received at the end of Year 5.

If your child has lost the letter, they need to ask their class teacher for another copy.

If you have not already done so, please purchase a cheap pair of in-ear earphones for your children to keep in school at all times. We use the Chromebooks to enhance many areas of the curriculum, in order to get the most out of the programs we use, earphones as a must. They are available from Japanese Home Centre (JHC) for 50HKD.

Image result for in ear earphones

We know the first few weeks back at school are tiring, so please make sure you are all getting enough sleep. If your child is not getting at least 10 hours of sleep a night then they will not be able to reach their potential the next day. Please get plenty of rest.
PE Days
6D – Monday & Friday
6C – Thursday & Friday
6P – Wednesday & Friday
We started the week with terrific entertainment from three standup comedians. Each performer was very different in their approach to their act and this gave students an opportunity to reflect on their different styles. In Year 6, each class was lucky enough to spend the afternoon with one of the comedians. This enabled students to take part in a performance workshop, teaching them about presentation skills, building confidence, embracing different performance styles and developing entertaining story ideas. As teachers, we were impressed by the level of confidence demonstrated by the students.


In UOI this week we have started our science unit where we are exploring the central idea of ‘Scientific investigations can help people to make sense of the world.’ Students kicked this off by taking part in a science afternoon where they were able to observe, make predictions, ask questions and reach conclusions, based on three different experiments. We also discussed the idea of changing variables and developing an understanding of how to ensure experiments are conducted in a controlled manner. 

Mr Thompson came into class to help develop students’ questioning skills, whilst developing a better understanding of the Inquiry Cycle for our Y6 exhibition.


Central Idea

Scientific investigations can help people to make sense of the world.

Lines of Inquiry

  1. What scientific inquiry is (Form)
  2. How the scientific process is used (Function) 
  3. How scientific investigations have impacted the world around us  (Connection)


During this unit, the aim will be to develop the children’s understanding of the scientific process, changing variables and the effect of science around the world. 

Number Maths

Place Value

Central Idea: We use the same rules for the computation of decimal fractions as for whole numbers

By the end of Year 6 children should be able to: 

Apply place value to partition and rename numbers to thousandths 

Recognise, and order integers (including negative integers) 

Recognise, model and order decimal fractions to thousandths or beyond. 

Round decimal fractions to the nearest tenth or whole number


Central Idea: Writers use carefully crafted language to educate and inspire

This unit will involve us using inspiring and educational language to inform people about the effects of scientific investigation around the world. 


Number Maths 

Please continue with Mathletics/Prodigy at home.


Students should have brought home their reading journals this week and they should be reading on a daily basis, updating their journal with a comment. Please can we ask parents to sign next to the comment.

Spelling in 6C

Each week I would like students to do the following:

  • Choose at least 2 of spelling activities from their grid and have a grown-up initial next to the activity completed. 
  • Write their spelling words out 3 times in columns. Look, cover, write and check.
  • Complete 2 spelling tests at home