23 Sep 2019

Year 6 Update Week 7





30th September – CPD Day – Students not to attend school

1st October – National Day Bank Holiday – No School

2nd October – Swimming Commences, continues every Wednesday in October.

4th October – Half Term Holiday – 3pm Finish

14th October – Term Starts again

18th October – Parent Teacher Bowling Evening

25th October – CPD Day – Students not to attend school

28th – 30th October – School Photos

4th – 8th November – Camp

29th November – Wellbeing Day

6th December – Y4-6 Disco

13th December – Term Ends – 12pm Finish


Children in 6P (students who are swimming first) must wear PE kit with their swimsuit (for girls – one piece swimsuit or tankini only (no bikinis)) underneath and bring:

  • underwear

  • swimming cap (a requirement of the pool)

  • goggles

  • towel

  • flip flops

  • A $5 coin for the lockers


Children in 6D and 6C must wear PE kit and bring:

  • swimsuit (for girls – one piece swimsuit or tankini only (no bikinis))

  • swimming cap (a requirement of the pool)

  • goggles

  • towel

  • flip flops

  • A $5 coin for the lockers

 It is a requirement of using the swimming pool that each child wears a swimming cap. 

The dates for the swimming lessons are:

Wednesday 2nd October

Wednesday 16th October

Wednesday 23rd October

Wednesday 30th October


Leave School

Swimming lesson

Return to school



9am to 10am




10am to 11am




11am to 12pm



The students will travel to and from Kowloon Tsai by school bus.


If you have any questions about the swimming programme you can contact Mr. Teahan via email timothy.teahan@bhs.edu.hk

Thank you to those parent volunteers who are getting involved in PTA this year! We value parental involvement very highly here at BHS and are always on the lookout for people to help at our events. If you think you could spare some time – no matter how little! – then please contact Miss Mak at haymen.mak@bhs.edu.hk 
Thank you!
Camp Forms and Cheques
Other Important Dates:
PE Days
6D – Monday & Friday
6C – Thursday & Friday
6P – Wednesday & Friday
Learning Centre Days
6C- Friday
6D- Friday
6P- Thursday

ISA Assessments

Year 6 completed ISA assessments in Mathematical Literacy, Reading and Writing this week with a great sense of maturity and purpose. Well done to all!

Unit of Inquiry

Science Fair Week! 

It was finally time for the children to give their scientific findings at our Year 6 Science Fair this week. The fair was open to year 6 students from across the year and the level of knowledge was very impressive. We had discussions around the interactions of molecules, the effects of momentum, the fairness of testing and accuracy of measurement to name a few. This project served as a great opportunity for the children to learn about the scientific process whilst developing their presenting skills ready for the exhibition.



In Maths, 6D has been developing our division skills whilst working with decimal numbers. We took a quiz at the beginning of the week and then aimed to beat our class score. We started at 40% and improved to 55%. It was great to have a target to work towards and the children were given agency by working on different areas of the test. 



In English this week we have continued to identify how an author uses voice to connect with the reader. This week we are moving on to study the scary voice! Children read a series of scary extracts from some teen fiction and studied the language, sentence structure, themes and environments that came up time and time again. They then had a go at describing some pictures in short moments, using the features they noticed in their reading.                                   



Golden Book

Congratulations Year 6 students for being recognised this week as our Golden Book winners. Well done!

6D- Harry Wong

6C-  Hei Hei Cheung

6P- Rei Kitamura & Joseph Chan


Central Idea

Scientific investigations can help people to make sense of the world.

Lines of Inquiry

  1. What scientific inquiry is (Form)
  2. How the scientific process is used (Function) 
  3. How scientific investigations have impacted the world around us  (Connection)


During this unit, the aim will be to develop the children’s understanding of the scientific process, changing variables and the effect of science around the world. 

Number Maths

Place Value

Central Idea: We use the same rules for the computation of decimal fractions as for whole numbers

By the end of Year 6 children should be able to: 

Apply place value to partition and rename numbers to thousandths 

Recognise, and order integers (including negative integers) 

Recognise, model and order decimal fractions to thousandths or beyond. 

Round decimal fractions to the nearest tenth or whole number


Central Idea: Writers use carefully crafted language to educate and inspire

This unit will involve us using inspiring and educational language to inform people about the effects of scientific investigation around the world. 


Number Maths 

Please continue with Mathletics /Prodigy at home.


Students should have brought home their reading journals this week and they should be reading on a daily basis, on Fridays we update our Reading Diaries with a quality recount entry. Please can we ask parents to sign next to the comment. Students should be reading every day.


Each week I would like students to do the following:

  • Choose at least 2 of spelling activities and have a grown-up initial next to the activity completed. 
  • Write their spelling words out 3 times in columns. Look, cover, write and check.
  • Complete 2 spelling tests at home.
  • Science- students can practice presenting their ideas: in front of a mirror to a parent, peer or their pet hamster. Practice verbalising your ideas about your science experiment.
*If you have any questions, please email your child’s teacher: Mr. Douglas, Mrs. Craig or Mrs. Palmer for further clarification. Have a great week!