19 Aug 2016

Year 1 Update – Wk 1

Monday 22nd – Wednesday 24th September – All Year 1s stay until 12pm.
Thursday 25th August – All Year 1 students stay for lunch. Pick up at 1.00 pm.
Monday 29th August – All Year 1 students stay all day.
Tuesday 30th August – Cheese and Wine Welcome – 5.00pm
                                     6.00pm – Year 1 Meet the Teacher
From Monday 5th September – PMP and UOI Rotations start
Friday 9th September – PTA Bowling
Friday 16th September – Public Holiday
Who We Are

Central Idea: People have abilities and interests who form who they are.

Home Learning

Today your child brought home a home learning task. Please read the instructions attached carefully and return to school by Wednesday 24th August. Encourage your child to be as creative as they would like to be with this task and use paper from home if you prefer.

Next week the children will be singing number songs and learning counting rhymes. We will be spending time finding out about your child’s number knowledge.

The children will have the opportunity to write about their weekend. Please spend some time talking with your child about what you have done together over the weekend.

Ms Jeves, our Teacher Librarian will be coming to our classrooms to teach the children how to ask and respond to questions.
Cheese and Wine Evening – We are looking forward to meeting you all at the Cheese and Wine evening on Tuesday 30th August at 5.00pm. Please remember to put your reply slip in your child’s Home-School Diary.
Parent Helpers – In your child’s Home-School Diary there was an information booklet about how you can help at school with PMP and UOI Rotations. In order for these programmes to run successfully we require parent helpers on a weekly basis. If you would be able to help please fill in the reply slip on the letter and return in your child’s diary.