4 Dec 2015

Year 1 Update – Wk 15

As part of our unit, the children have enjoyed listening to two more guest speakers this week. On Monday we had a visit from a parent who came in to talk to us about her job at Woodlands Pre-School and then today one of our parents came in to share her experiences as a chocolate distributor. Once again thank you to all the parents who have helped us throughout the unit. The children have loved hearing all about your jobs and have learnt a great deal from the experiences.

How We Organise Ourselves

Central Idea: People play different roles in the communities they belong to

This week the children have been continuing with their individual research into a role in the community. They have been using the internet, books and information from our guest speakers to answer their own questions and wonderings. Next week the children will be presenting what they have found out through a role play interview with their teacher.

We have enjoyed reading more of the letters that you have sent to school about your jobs. It has been really nice to read so many lovely responses and the children have enjoyed getting a letter from their mums and dads. Thank you!


This week the children have been focussing on the properties of 2D shapes. We have started looking at different 2D shapes and the related vocabulary such as corners, edges, curved edge, straight edge etc. The children have had practical experience in using 2D shapes in games, and art based activities. Next week we will continue with this work and we will also revise the work we have covered on addition and subtraction during our mental maths sessions.


This week the children have been introduced to the Unit 3 phonemes and have been continuing to practice their blending and segmenting skills.Your child should have brought home a bookmark this week outlining the phonemes we are covering and activities and games that you can play with them at home.
                                 v  w  y  z  j  n  k  e
                  Camera words: all, me, they,is, no, said

With Christmas fast approaching this is the perfect time of year to let the children be creative and practice their fine motor skills such as cutting and sticking by making Christmas decorations. There are numerous ideas on the internet but some simple ones would be cutting paper to make snowflakes and making paper chains by cutting strips of paper and joining in a chain.

Children love being creative so it is a good idea to have a box of craft items that the children can use whenever they want. The box could include different coloured paper, different types of paper such as crepe or tissue paper, scissors, glue, paints, mark making tools such as crayons, feathers and sequins etc. Craft activities not only help the children to develop their creativity but practice and refine their cutting and other fine motor skills.